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Today, catching up on one of the Live Journal blogs I read, (I like to keep abreast of the goings and doings of the Giant Ridiculous Dog and other denizens of the Wishnevsky menage), I learn that it was so cold this morning that their bottle of Devil’s Tongue Habañero-Infused Olive Oil had become too viscous to pour.  They had to set the bottle down by the radiator to warm it up before they could get any to decant.   Actually, I’d be a bit leery of keeping such a gastronomic Molotov cocktail in the house for fear it might spontaneously combust.

img_0002I think I’m going to try doing a pattern for a neck warmer with horseshoe cables based on this pattern. Stay tuned.  Pictures at 10 . . . (See right)

We were shooting for a high of 27 F (-2.7C) but have only managed 25 F (-3.8 C) so far by 3 o’clock this afternoon.  I am doing the sensible thing, which is to stay in out of it with a lap robe on and a carafe of Earl Grey hot. . . For supper, I’m having Canadian bacon and sharp cheddar cheese on a toasted ciabatta bun, with the cheese melted.  Major nums.

I’m also listening to internet radio, but for once it’s not SomaFM, it’s Dogglounge which plays a musical genre called “deep house” which is a European club vibe kind of sound.  Oddly enough, it’s fun to knit to.

I got an email a couple of minutes ago from Ikea saying they’d shipped my desktop.  It’s going FedEx.  I’m not getting too excited about getting it just yet.  For $10, it’ll be FedEx Ground and with the weather like it is, if it’s coming from anyplace north of Oklahoma, it’ll be traveling at least part of the way by dog sled.  ” On, yo huskies!”