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A cold front is in the process of roaring through accompanied by blustery wind at 25 mph/40 kph with occasional gusts, which means it’s also blowing dirt.  It was 72 F/22.2 C at 5 o’clock, with a whopping 22% humidity.  (No wonder I was so thirsty when I got home!)  Tomorrow night’s low is supposed to be 10 F/-12 C, courtesy of the aforementioned cold front.   Oh, and that loud slurping noise you heard just now was was me putting hand lotion on.  Nivea makes this lovely product called “Nivea Soft” — and I got two containers of it, (see below) one to keep beside the kitchen sink and one to keep in the office. I already have one in my night stand.

When I got up at 8:30  this morning and took my shower, I didn’t bother to put deodorant on after, seeing as how they’d just make you wipe it all off before they will do a mammogram* or ultrasound.  This is because many deodorants contain aluminum chlorohydrate, which is a metallic salt.  Not only will it fog an x-ray and make it more difficult to interpret, but it gloms up the “squeezers” on their mammogram equipment.  I still had part of a little travel size thing of deodorant left over from the last time I traveled, which I dropped in my purse to put it on after.

It was already right windy, but the dirt had not started blowing so much when I left the house at 9:30 this morning.  I reported for my ultrasound and was duly gooed and viewed. They’ll let me know the results.   Then I swung by a branch of my bank and deposited my jury duty check, followed the street it’s on back across town to the side I live on, and hit Walmart.

When I went into the Walmart vision center, the only person in there was the clerk.  I asked her if she was busy, and she said, “No.”  So then I gave her the radio edit of the song and dance about the new glasses and she graciously agreed to fit them for me.  As we chatted during the process,  I casually asked her what a pair of glasses with no lines, and Transitions lenses would have cost, including frames, if I had bought them there and she said around $270/£216 if I just got the “low-end” frames, and not some fancy designer frames, so I saved at least $100/£80 by going through the VA.  These glasses have bigger lenses than the previous pair, the ones  I got at Walmart, and the new ones won’t fit in that case, so while I was in the vision center, I bought a case the new ones will fit in for when I take them off at night.

Having accomplished that objective, I proceeded further into deepest, darkest Walmart to get groceries.  The groceries and produce items, laundry soap, cleaning supplies, paper goods, booze, bakery items (and the bakery itself), and the bottled drinks are all on the “Grocery” side of the store (which in this store is on the left-hand side).  Stuff like tooth paste and tooth brushes, hair brushes and combs, makeup, shampoos, skin lotions, men’s shaving products, people soap, vitamins and over-the-counter medications are all over on the other side (on the right-hand side) of the store where the pharmacy is.  In order to get over to the toiletry items from the grocery side of the store, you have to pass by the candy section, the books and magazines section, ladies clothing, jewelry, and men’s clothing.  Besides being a pain in the kazoo, it’s also psychology.  En route, as I passed by women’s clothes, I saw they had the kind of long sleeved microfleece shirts I really like on sale for $10 bucks (so soft and snuggly!).  By the time I got to where the hand lotion was, a pink one and a blue one had mysteriously appeared in my shopping cart . . . .

Over on the right-hand side of the store is also where they have paints and furnace filters, which I also needed.  Those high-falutin‘ HEPA furace filters are $12 and $14 apiece (!) (£10-11), and I’m supposed to change the filters once a month??!! I don’t think so.  I got the el cheapo brand that were $5 each instead. If this was a brand new house or I’d just spent big bucks having the air ducts cleaned out, yeah, I could see plumping for the pricey HEPA filters, but it seems ridiculous to spend that kind of money on HEPA filters when the filtered air is being blown about through air ducts that have probably not been cleaned out since the house was built in the 1970’s.  I also found a little can of Rust-Oleum gloss black and two little foam brushes to paint the yard light poles whenever weather permits.

Anyway, I got everything on my list for Walmart, picked up my monthly two bottles of NAC at the health food store, swung around by Home Depot and got rakes, a nifty little mattock, a garden trowel, some yard working gloves, a secateur, and a stiff bristled push broom. (That wimpy little floor broom I use to sweep leaves off my front porch simply cannot cope with the locust pods on the back patio.)  I also got two of those styrofoam cup things you’re supposed to put over your outside water spigots to keep them from freezing, one for each spigot.  I covered the spigots with the little styrofoam things and brought the hoses in.  I like to never got the hose unscrewed from the front spigot.  I had to go get my pipe wrench and lean my full (and not inconsiderable) weight on it to get the hose connection o even turn.   (Yes, I am a tool-belt diva . . .)

HPIM1467The only thing I needed to do today that I didn’t do was get cat litter.  I’ll get it on my way home from my test Tuesday. Once I managed to get the garage door open and the car in the garage, I got out my Radio Flyer wagon and loaded it up, and was able to bring in all the groceries into the house in one wagon load.  (That wagon has proven to be a very good investment over the years.  I bought it shortly after I moved into the old duplex in 2001.  See above.)  By the time I got everything unloaded and put away, I was plum wore out** as the saying goes, and ready for a sit down.

I had got a 1/2-pint of fried okra and two fried chicken wings at the “deli” at Walmart, and that plus a bottle of white peach juice was my lunch.  I was a good girl and did not buy any candy or sweets, except this one little container of Talenti chocolate raspberry gelato in the freezer that keeps murmuring sweet somethings in my ear telepathically . . .

Oh, and I got a reply this afternoon to my email to my landlady with instructions to call Overhead Door Monday and have a guy come out, so yay! on that.  Assuming I can get one to come out next week, it’ll have to be any day but Tuesday.  I can’t believe Christmas is only 8 days away.

** tired to the point of exhaustion.
*Men just don’t “get” why women make such a big deal about having to undergo mammograms.  Perhaps if they would try to imagine having to strip from the waist down (removing all jewelry), put on a voluminous, thin cloth gown that opens in the front, and sit in a room that’s slightly warmer than a meat locker because its temperature has been set to keep the multimillion dollar hunk of radiographic equipment that lives there happy.  They would then be requested to drape one leg at an odd angle over said large, cold, metal, cold, x-ray device, and balance awkwardly on the other leg while a technician carefully positioned  their scrotum between two cold, motorized, cold, flat plastic, cold plates.  The technician would then attempt to immobilize the body part in question by clamping it with eye-watering tightness firmly between these motorized plates using a foot pedal control and align it just so . . . Now, hold your breath . . .