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Mom called this afternoon and said that all four of the neck warmers I made for her sold at her sekret klub’s auction.  The way it works is that if someone brings more than one of the same item, whatever the winning bid on the first one is, the others go for the same amount.  The first of my neck warmers went for $21, so my stuff  made $84 for their scholarship fund.

This evening I was talking to my BFF and bemoaning how I haven’t found anything suitable for a desktop to screw my desk legs on and get a larger desk, that Lowe’s has solid core doors for about $70, but then I’d have to find a way to get three feet cut off one end, and so forth. . . and she said, “I got this table top at Ikea.  You can get just the table top without legs, or at least you could when I got mine.”  I’m sitting at the computer as I’m talking to her, so I pull up the Ikea website and type in “Table top” and guess what? You can still get just the table top, and it’s the same width as what I have but it’s just over 47 inches long, which is just the right length, and 1-3/8 inch thick, which is just the right thickness, and it’s only $19.99.  And what’s more, it only costs $10 to ship to me.  Guess what I’m getting?

2016_12_13-09 2016_12_13-10These people who get out and rake up all the leaves in their yard . . .  The wind is doing a great job raking mine so far.  I have these two neat piles of leaves.  In the photo at left, you can really see where the rain off the eaves has eroded underneath the edging bricks.  I need to investigate and see what kind of solution I can come up with. Maybe some cinderblock pavers, and put them in a bed of those &^$*#@ little white rocks that are all in between my house and the fence next door.  Something to break the force of the water and let it pool and soak in.  What I may do with these leaves is rake them into a leaf bag, tie it off, and then put the bag on the sidewalk and walk all over it until the leaves are all crunched up, and then pour them on the flower bed and water them down good.

It occurs to me that I should take my little red wagon out into the back yard when I go after those *(&^%$#! locust pods.  I could spread the bag out over my wagon and turn the sides of the bag down over the the sides of the wagon to keep the bag open.  About as many pods as the wagon would hold would be just about what I could lift up into the dumpster — after I’ve pulled them in the wagon out to where the dumpster is.  I’ve got a rake on my shopping list, and some pruning clippers and gardening gloves, too.

I’ve also got metal paint on my shopping list (and a little brush) to paint the light posts.  Krylon has paint in half-pint cans, which would be just enough.   I’ll have to pick a day when it’s not too cold or blustery to do the painting.