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I had to add the third Monday, or I would have earwormed you that song and fallen into a cliché, which would never do. . .

I ran across this earlier today, and since I like her books so much, I thought I’d share.

It doesn’t surprise me that she seems to be such a neat lady.  I knew that from her books.  You will notice the Regency period dress in the background of the video above.  Her Glamour fantasy novels are all set in the early Regency period of an England where magic is real.  She has that same Jane Austen gentleness of prose and it was a source of no little irony to me that the “forensic bust” of Jane Austen bears a striking resemblance to a younger Ms. Kowal.  I love that daydream metaphor she sets up in the video.   If you want a delightful read, I highly recommend her Glamour series.  Well rounded characters, a well-thought out world, and some interesting ideas.

After signing off yesterday, I cooked a package of elbow macaroni and made a bowl of (Wolf Brand) chili with elbows and sprinkle cheese (Sargento Mexican Four Cheeses Off Block which has larger pieces) and chopped white onions; and a bowl of tuna salad with a can of English peas and chopped carrots, dill pickles, chopped black olives, chopped white onions and mayo.  The onions I had were too big for just one dish, and ditto the package of macaroni, so I split them between the two dishes.  Worked out just right.  The chili was perfect for supper last night — all hot and yummy with melted cheese.  I normally use spaghetti broken up into short lengths when I add pasta to a can of Wolf Brand Chili. The chopped raw onion comes through the microwaving just crisp enough to be crunchy.  But, I was in the mood for chili and macaroni works as well.  These were the little elbow macaroni, not the bigger ones.  The little ones are just right.

Then today at brunch, I had a bowl of tuna salad spooned onto Stoned Wheat crackers, which are my very most favorite crackers, and that really hit the spot.  I love the Stoned Wheat crackers, which are imported from Canada, but I couldn’t get them for a long time.  Oddly enough, the first time I found them was when I was living in the other duplex on 66th Street, the one off Quaker Avenue. Then I couldn’t find them for a while.  About two months ago, suddenly, there they were again.  I almost cheered aloud right there in the Walmart. cookie/cracker aisle.

My mom rolls her eyes when I mention feng shui.  She doesn’t understand the practicalities of a philosophical system thousands of years old.  It’s all nonsense to her, but, lo, and, hark! — my candy dish is located in the northwest sector of my kitchen, and the number of the northwest is 6, which means when I have some of the Rollo candies in their bright foil red, green and gold holiday wrappers that are currently in the candy dish, I get to have 6, two of each color.  That’s some good feng shui for you.  My stove is in the south of my kitchen. The number of the south is 9. But, I couldn’t put my candy dish on the stove.  That wouldn’t be practical.  See there?  Feng shui keeps me from eating too much candy.

I 2016_12_13-02finished the first neck warmer, which is what I’m calling the buttoned cowls now.  Came out pretty nice, if I say so myself.  I’m about to cast on for the second one, the one with three twisted cables. 2016_12_13-01 Here’s full views of the other two: