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I adapted the Mail Lady’s Twisted Cable Cowl pattern (left) and JT’s Cabled Cowl pattern (below to be knitted flat with a place to put buttons and buttonholes to put them in.  I think they turned out very nicely, if I say so myself.  The buttons are made from coconut shells.

These are going to my mom to go into the Christmas auction this sekret klub she belongs to holds every year to raise money for scholarships. I think the helmet hair* set will go for them, as they are cowls, which don’t have the dangling ends of scarves, but don’t go on over your head, plus they are cute. I have until the 13th to get them to her.  I may do a couple more, and then again, I may not.

Finished the Mail Lady’s Twisted Cable Hat, and left the hat and cowl in the mail box for her the day before it got colder than a wedge.

It’s been cold and rainy here, and well below freezing each night for the past four days.  The Tuesday before last, the lady who is the “teacher” of our knitting group fell and broke her knee. She had surgery on it, and is now in a rehab facility up in the north part of town by the TTUSM teaching hospital. I flunked my “squeezogram” (mammogram) and have to go have an ultrasound next Friday.  The place I go is at that hospital that’s close to where she is.  I might try to go see her while I’m out.

*No more than 3 inches long, heavily back-combed, poofed out, and glued solid with hairspray.