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I did not get picked for the jury.  It took all day, but I somehow managed it.  There were 75 in the jury pool, which is a huge amount.  We sat in the jury pool room until nearly 11 o’clock and then trooped en mass to the courthouse and sat on wooden church-pew style benches for the rest of the day while the prosecutor read the indictment, explained the law and such terms as “reasonable doubt” and then questioned various prospective jurors.  After lunch, the defense attorney did the same. The jury was chosen, and it was almost right at 5 o’clock when the rest of us were dismissed.

The book I took to read, Kitty and the Midnight Hour by Carrie Vaughn was the first in a series.  I will not be reading the rest of them. It was a Twilight Saga type — vampires and werewolves, which can be good if the book is well written.  This one wasn’t.  Not only that, strong alarm bells were going off in my head after I was scarcely four pages into the book.  The heroine, who was a “closeted” werewolf, was pretty clueless, had little if any agency (she was repeatedly — and allowed herself to be! — sexually victimized in one situation after another), was whiny and immature, and was in a clearly abusive relationship which the author justified (and even enabled) by saying it was a “a werewolf pack thing.”  (She was constantly having to be submissive to and appease the alpha male in the pack whom she was pathetically eager to please — sound familiar?) Not anywhere close to my idea of an enjoyable read, nor the sort of book I would want a teen girl of my acquaintance to read.

However, I am also rereading A Night in the Lonesome October by Roger Zelazny, which is altogether a much more satisfying read.  It is a homage to Lovecraft, the horror genre in general, B horror movies, and so much more.  Each year, Steve Miller and Sharon Lee trade off reading aloud a chapter a night beginning with October 1st (the book has 31 chapters), as a lead up to Halloween.  I’m a little late with my reread, this being December, but I don’t care. A good book is a good book no matter what time of year it is.

Tonight is knitting group night.  I had hoped to have finished the hat today that goes with The Mail Lady’s Twisted Cable Cowl, and would have been finished with it, except I had jury duty all day yesterday.  I’ve only just begun it.  I’m going to make a concentrated effort to finish it tonight and have both the hat and the cowl waiting in the mailbox for her tomorrow, as Thursday’s predicted high is only going to be 33F (0.5C) and Friday’s is 44F (66C), which is to say, colder than the proverbial wedge.

Time to go get ready to go to knitting group.