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A slow, drippy, cold, wintry rain, occasionally being spurted across the window by the wind, which is being occasionally blustery.   An excellent day to stay indoors.  The fat(cat)boy and I are sensibly involved with comfortable chairs and a lap robe — me under it, him snuggled in on top of it between my knees.

I am knitting and plotting knitted things, and having an idea how I can modify a cowl pattern I’ve already written from being circular to being a flat straight piece with buttons.  Since they’re based on cowl patterns that have matching hats, the hats would match them, too.  However, because they are flat pieces, they will have wrong side rows, which I will have to figure out, and there will need to be button holes. . .  Hmmm.

2016_12_03-01I finished the Mail Lady’s Twisted Cable Cowl and posted the pattern on my knitting site.  The picture doesn’t tell you much.  The color of the yarn is too dark to show much detail, but it turned out right nicely, if I say so myself.  The hat pattern is written but hasn’t been tested yet.  I won’t post it until I’ve tested the pattern by actually making one, which I could be doing Monday, if I didn’t have to schlep all the way to the other side of town at ridiculous o’clock in the morning for jury duty, grumble, grumble . . .

I’ve been having trouble with the garage door opener remote.  Sometimes it works.  Sometimes it doesn’t.  I thought maybe it was the battery, but I replaced the battery and it’s still acting up.  If I’m coming back from somewhere and it won’t plong, that means I’ve got to park in the driveway, unlock the front door and go in through the house, open the garage door from the inside, and then drive the car into the garage, and close the door from the inside, which is a pain, or if I’m leaving, I’ve got to park the car in the driveway, go into the garage and shut the garage door from the inside, go out through the house, come out the front door and lock it, and then get in my car and drive off, all of which defeats the purpose of having a garage door opener in the first place.  I suspect the remote is wearing out.  The garage door opener probably dates at least to the 1990’s if not to the 1970’s when the house was built. The lights in it that are supposed to turn on when the garage door opens or closes, don’t.  They don’t turn on at all, even “manually” using the switch by the door.  It’s a safe bet you can’t get a replacement remote for that model of door opener because they don’t make that brand/model anymore.  I’ve emailed my landlady.  There were two remotes, and she has the other one.  Don’t know if she’ll trade me for mine since it is undependable. I swear.  If it’s not one thing, it’s something else.   Mercury must be in retrograde. . .

I got my car tags yesterday, and I’m legal again.  You have to get your car inspected before you can get your tags, so I had to go to one place and pay to have it inspected, and then go halfway across town to stand in line for 45 minutes and pay a whole lot more to get the tags.

I’m dreading Monday.  I’ll have to take a book to read since they don’t allow “weapons or anything that could be used as a weapon” into the court room.  Knitting needles are specifically included in that ban.  I can’t decide whether to take a Diana Wynn Jones book or maybe one of the Terry Pratchett Discworld books.

Right now, I’m reading “The Pillow Book of Sei Shonagon,” which is the translation of a book written in the 10th century in Japan by a lady-in-waiting to the Empress.  It’s a two bookmark book — it’s annotated, so you have to have one bookmark for where you are in the text itself, and a second bookmark for where you are in the annotations.  As I’m reading I keep thinking I need to rewatch the miniseries Shogun, which is a beautifully done dramatization of James Clavell’s book by the same name.  It’s worth the time to watch it even if all you do is drool over the gorgeous kimonos the Japanese characters wear.  There was a bit of a scandal in Japan where the miniseries was being shot on location as the Japanese actress, Yoko Shimada, who played the female lead had some “intimate” love scenes with Richard Chamberlain — scandalous not because he’s gay (which was a big secret at the time) but because he’s American.  When the miniseries was first broadcast, I was working at Texas Instruments, Inc., and there was a Japanese lady programmer in our department.  This was before they put the English translation subtitles in, and we would ask her to explain what the heck was going on. It was interesting to get her perspective on it.  I’ve got the whole miniseries, but it’s on VHS video tape.  I see where I can get it as a 5-DVD set, which I may do at some point since I don’t have my VHS tape player hooked up any more.  Maybe next year.

I’m going to knit now.  Stay tuned for more results.