I lack about four rows to have the Mail Lady’s Twisted Cable Cowl finished.  I will photograph it and post it on my Knits From The Owl Underground site after that.  I want to do a hat to match as the hat and cowl make a cute little set.  The hat pattern will actually be easy:  I’ll just recapitulate the cowl pattern, all but the last 7 rows, and all I’ll have to do then is work out the decrease. These little hats and cowls are quick and easy, and you can do one in an evening.  I ended up only using three balls of yarn, two navy’s and the Wedgewood blue, as four was just too thick.  Even so, I’ve had to periodically stop and rest my hands as manipulating that thick of a yarn on such (relatively) small needles requires not a little strength. It knits up very dense which will make it warmer.

Well, I made the first cut on the jury selection.  They were supposed to call between 3 pm and 5 pm Thursday to let me know yea or nay, and I fended off several callers so as not to tie up the phone during that period of time.  Naturally, they emailed me.  I have to report to the Central stupid Jury room, which is way the heck across town, bright and entirely too early (8:30 a.m.) Monday (groan!) morning, which means I’ll have to leave the house before 8 o’clock and fight the downtown going-to-work traffic and find a place to park, and schlep large distances on foot.  Nuts.*  I can’t decide whether it will be just my luck that I’ll go all the way down there and sit around for an hour so they can tell us that the case was settled out of court today and they don’t need us, or whether I’ll have to sit there for hours while the lawyers question us one by one to see if they want us on their jury (According to the law, the lawyers for each side get a certain number of refusals) and then they’ll decide they don’t want me on their jury and send me home.  Or I’ll sit there half the day and get empaneled and have to go back and be a juror.  Nuts.  I wish I had one of those t-shirts that says, “Do not meddle in the affairs of dragons, for you are crunchy and good with catsup.” as that would be the perfect thing to wear over a long-sleeve shirt to sit in the jury pool.  Nuts.   Now I get to go all the way over to the other side of town and sit in a big drafty stupid room and trade germs with stupid people who have kids in school. (If you want to spend several weeks being sick as a dog with the nastiest, most icky germs imaginable, go spend the day in a public elementary school.) Nuts.

I’m getting new glasses.  I think I mentioned the VA has started providing all vets with one pair of plain vanilla glasses a year.  Used to be you could only get them if you had service-connected eye problems.   I got the prescription the other day, and I called the “dispenser” yesterday.  I’m getting the multifocal (no lines) and I’m getting Transitions lenses so I won’t need those dorky clip on sunglasses any more that I never have when I actually need them.   The basic, plain vanilla glasses are free; you have to pay to get those two options but $169 beats the heck out of $300+ bucks that you’d have to pay fora pair of glasses with those options in a retail situation.  My last pair of glasses was over $200, and that was only because the frames were on sale and all I got was no-lines.  I’ve had them for over five years and have had the left lens replaced twice because the prescription changed, and the right lens has 5 years worth of scratches. I have to get plastic lenses. My right lens is so thick that if it was glass, it would be so much heavier than the left lens that my glasses would sit crooked on my head and hurt my nose and ears. With any luck, I’ll get them sometime in January.

It’s almost 1 a.m. of a Friday morning, I’m falling asleep at the keyboard, so I’m going night-nights.  Later, gator.

*Not what I actually said.  What I actually said, repeatedly, was also a word of one syllable but one that is inappropriate for a family blog.