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2016_11_25-02Wednesday I swept the locust beans and leaves off the patio, got my little red wagon and hauled three loads of boxes and trash bags and a waste basket full of used cat litter* off to the dumpster.  I took out that stupid aluminum bar from the sliding door, and cut and fitted the PVC pipe door stopper.  The drawer pulls worked a treat, but the fastening screws are too long — made to accommodate a thick drawer front rather than an thin piece of PVC pipe. 2016_11_25-01I need to see if I can get the same sized screws but with a shorter shank  I hung the hose hanger in the back. I hung the clothes rack, the ironing board hanger, and the broom hanger.  I got one lap robe made, the leopard print one for the livingroom.  I got my table relocated, put the new table cloth on and put the two unneeded dining table chairs in the garage.  I put on the new table cloth and laid some place mats down.

My mom and my BFF came over for Thanksgiving dinner yesterday. Prater’s did most of the cooking. It took me about 2 hours of actual food prep, including cooking things in the oven and getting things out of cans.

I had to go get my hammer from my toolbox to open the jellied cranberry sauce. Everything used to come in double ended cans — you could open either end with a can opener. But now they’ve started putting some stuff in “bucket” cans that only have one openable end.  Do they put things like soup and vegetables in those kinds of cans?

They use them for the very things that you need to be able to open both ends on the cans to get the contents out in one piece — things like jellied cranberry sauce.

When they came in double ended cans, I’d open one end completely, and then break the seal on the other end, and the release of suction would let the entire contents just slide out in one whole piece.  Now I’m supposed to open the only openable end, slide a knife around the edges between the stuff and the can, and it’s supposed to just slide right out. Guess again.  I have to go get a hammer, turn the can upside down, put the pointed end of a church key over the bottom of the can and whack the church key with a hammer to pierce the metal can and open the other end of the can with the can opener. Then the contents slide right out all in one piece.  Like the man says, “Nothing is ever simple.”

2016_11_24-03Anyway, the dinner was a success.  My BFF brought an excellent chardonnay and my mom brought green bean casserole.  There was a lot of food, and we polished off a good bit of it between the three of us.  We also remembered to pass round the mashed potatoes before we passed round the gravy. . .  Praters makes excellent corn bread dressing — for my money, the only dressing better than theirs is my mom’s, but she doesn’t cook much any more.  Oddly, nobody took pictures of the event.  I took this picture of the table beforehand, but that was it.

2016_11_25-03The fat(cat)boy called it a night early.  While I was putting the furniture back where it goes, and washing the last little bit of dishes that would not fit in the dishwasher, he disappeared mysteriously.  When I went into the bedroom to get ready for bed, I discovered a mysterious lump to the right of my body pillow.  I decided to be a copy cat.

Thought for the day:

“Hearts are really the only thing where one size truly fits all — all shapes, all sizes, all numbers, all will fit.” —  WOL

*I have a waste basket with a lid, lined with a plastic bag into which I dump the contents of the LitterMaid receptacles. When the waste basket gets full, I tie the trash bag shut, haul the waste basket out to the alley and dump the bagged contents into the dumpster.  The odor-“eliminating” cat litter and the lid on the trash can control the odor very effectively.  My mom has a nose like a beagle.  If she can’t smell it, nobody can.