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We have entered the tawny time of year. The hard freeze we had the other night turned some of the oak trees this gorgeous, intense, oxblood red, and others an equally intense brown ocher. It is the time of year of two of my favorite colors, oxblood red, and russet. A blog friend in Devon publishes pictures of the bracken-covered hills which in summer are a lush green but at this time of year are this wonderful rich russet. It is the time of year when hereabouts, the pastures and lawns are tow-headed with dead grass.   2016_11_22-03Ran across this in my gleanings.  God, I love this woman’s mind — and heart!  Words of wisdom.

They are rerunning the old TV series “Kung Fu” on one of those TV channels that reruns all those old 20th century TV shows from the 1960’s and 1970’s.  I have recorded thirty something episodes of it. I feel a binge watch coming on.

2016_11_23-01I just finished this, using JT’s Cabled Man Cowl pattern and a color of Lion Brand Homespun Yarn called “Wild Fire.”  I’m about to see if you can get both a cowl and a cap out of one skein of yarn.  I like the colors very much, but I am not an orange person.  The ocher yellows, the “old” golds and the more earthtone reds like oxblood, yes, I can wear very well, but not orange.

Yesterday morning at 9 a.m., I had my eye exam.  It seems the VA is now providing all veterans with glasses — one pair a year — not just those with service-connected vision problems.  I can get bifocals free through them, but they’re the kind with lines, which are insufferable.   They will do the no-lines, but you have to pay an  “upgrade” fee to get them. Somebody is supposed to call me today to talk to me about how much I would have to pay to get the no-lines.   Considering what a new pair of glasses costs these days, it would be more cost efficient to just pay for the upgrade.  All of this was done by a pair of optometrists  Of course, they dilated my eyes.  My eyes are apparently very sensitive to whatever it is they use to dilate eyes, and my pupils always get so huge that it’s difficult to tell what color my eyes are.  Just as swell, actually, because they can really get a good look at the inside of my eyes.  I’m told my eyes are very healthy for a person my age.  My cataracts have not noticeably worsened.  I show no signs of diabetes, or other nasty things like macular degeneration. That’s very heartening.

I do have some trouble driving at night when there’s a lot of traffic, but that’s due to the glare of the oncoming headlights, and to the fact that car headlights and tail lights have gotten bigger and brighter over the years, and not due to loss of night vision.  My night vision is still very good.  I never have used much in the way of lighting and I don’t use my ceiling lights all that much, just those in the kitchen.  I just use a single lamp in my bedroom, and a pole lamp in the living room for task lighting.  And I use a floor lamp and my desk lamp in the office.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, and I have many things to do before tomorrow, not the least of which is schlepping a lot of stuff out to the dumpster.  I’ve got broom holders and ironing board holders to hang, and I’m hatching an idea for a kind of hanging hook thing to hold the three layers of curtains out of the way for when I need to take bags of garbage out the sliding glass door.  I figure I’ve got about three trips worth, even using my little red wagon.  Two of those trips would be nothing but boxes.

I need to finish sewing the lap robes and get the sewing table put up, but that won’t happen before tomorrow.  I’m sure I’ll get told off about leaving the stuff set up for weeks and weeks, but I don’t care.  It’s my house.  I may get one lap robe sewn.  I have a lot of weaving in of ends to do on several pieces of knitting, a hat to knit, a shawl to finish and another to knit, and a hat to finish that I think I’m going to have to rip out about four rows of because I messed up and left out a repeat.  Machts nichtsWinter is icumen in, and, as previously noted, I feel a binge-watch coming on, and the shawls are TV knitting* at its finest.  I’ve still got to write that fingerless glove pattern.  Maybe Friday.  Busy, busy, busy. . .


*TV knitting is knitting that requires very little of your attention because the pattern is so simple.  The pattern referenced only requires you to thing about the first two or three stitches at the beginning and ending of a row; all else is garter stitch.