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Stopped by Sutherland’s on the way to knitting group and got ten feet of chain, a pre-cut 5-foot length of PVC pipe (labled “vent stack“), and a couple of el cheapo drawer pulls.  That’ll be $21 and change, thank you very much.  Also got an earworm.  You’ll never guess.

Now, I’ve just got to measure and mark the pipe, saw off the excess (I only need 34 inches of it), then drill holes and attach the drawer pulls to it to enable me to easily get the pipe in and out of the track of the sliding door.  I should be sitting on my bedroom floor threading the chain through the hem of the blackout drapes, but not just now.  At least not until after I’ve finished having a grilled cheese sandwich with bacon in, some 20 minutes too early for elevenses, but we’re not strictly orthodox chez nous.

HPIM1467Went to Sutherland’s before knitting group, and went to Michael’s (buy two, get one free!), Walmart and Market Street after.  Had to get my red wagon out to unload the car.  (See left at the old duplex) Got everything I intended to get except a leaf rake and a particular supplement I can’t get at that hour of the night because the store closes at 6 pm.  I had to go to Market Street to get things Walmart didn’t have — Prater’s cornbread dressing, for one thing.  Thanksgiving is next week.  My mom and I are trading off.  I’m doing Thanksgiving at my house, and she’s doing Christmas at hers.  I’ve invited my BFF, so we’ll be three.  Walmart didn’t have my preferred brand of chai tea, Tazo, but Market Street did, and at two boxes for $3, I naturally bought two.

tumblr_mv6lapw3LE1s4z33jo4_400I really need to finish sewing lap robes.  We’re supposed to have our first hard freeze Friday night — predicted low of 26F (-3.3C)  One thing about using twin sized blankets:  They’re wide enough to keep me covered when a fat(cat)boy decides he needs to sleep between my knees and goes inertial.   The thing is, he’s so heavy he will fold up the footrest on the recliner if I don’t counterbalance him.  He always looks before he leaps, but sometimes my legs are far enough from the edge of the footrest that when he puts his paws up to look, they don’t touch me.  That’s not him in the GIF above, but you get the idea. All over sudden*, splat!  Gets your attention, I can tell you.

I’ll have to get my tools out tomorrow if my broom and mop hanger and ironing board hanger come — and probably my drill, so I might as well hang the hose hanger while I’m at it and get my saw out to cut the PVC pipe and put the drawer pulls on it.  I should change my bed while I’m at it.  Finally put my comforter on.

It occurs to me that those locust beans and leaves that are all over the back yard have been rained on repeatedly and are, no doubt, moldy.  I’m allergic to mold.  Very.  Which may well be part of my sinus problems.  But, I have face masks to use while raking.  It also occurred to me I could spread the leave bags out over the sides of my little red wagon for easy loading.  Cleaning up the back yard would help my allergies. Once I get the rake, I’m all set.  Now where did I put that roundtuit?


*Yes, I know it’s supposed to be “all of a sudden” but I cut my ear teeth on Walt Kelly‘s classic comic “Pogo,” in which he notoriously, and delightfully, played fast and loose with grammar, language, and anything else he could get his mitts on — wherein you could find a mouse and a fangless serpent (both in derby hats) discussing the finer points of teaching an earthworm to be a rattlesnake, and a possum, a turtle, and an owl (who wore glasses) could get sidelined into a discussion of grammar (“. . . the present aloofable tense, for use against elephants and other dry game. . .”) while bemoaning the fact that one of their number, a cigar-smoking alligator, had fallen into the clutches of an octopus.  Oh, and by the way, the turtle’s name was “Churchy La Femme” and the snake, being armless, had a serious drinking problem . . .