I still haven’t gotten my sinuses to drain, and every time I sneeze it’s like getting batted in the face with a shovel. I’ve ordered a facial steamer. It’ll be here by Thursday or Friday, I hope. I’m sure that part of my constant headache is caffeine withdrawal as I’ve stopped drinking Coca Cola. If I could just get the caffeine without the sugar — and don’t tell me to drink sugar free soft drinks. I can’t stand the taste of sugar free stuff. I don’t care what they use in place of the sugar. Even Splenda tastes crappy to me. These people who “cut calories” by drinking a sugar free soft drink with their piece of pie, or their hamburger and French fries. My mom, who puts saccharine in her coffee and in her tea. Ye gods, people. A teaspoon of sugar is only 16 calories, for crying out loud!

Grumble. Grumble. I don’t have headaches. I just don’t. On the very rare occasions when I do, there are only two usual suspects: Caffeine withdrawal and sinus. I’m into my third week with this stupid sinus business and the pounding headache that goes with it, and I’m so damn tired of it. Every time I tilt my body in any way out of the strictly horizontal or vertical, it’s like having some little imp sitting on your shoulders hitting you repeatedly in the face with a skillet.  They gave me some saline nasal spray, and I suppose it would help if I’d use it, but I hate –HATE– squirting stuff up my nose.

I’ve got to shop for groceries today, and I have to go out early enough that Sutherlands is still open because I have to get that length of chain to go in the hem of my blackout drapes. The fat(cat)boy has figured out he can see out the back window now, and I have to keep pushing the hem of the drapes back against the bottom of the door frame to stop the “peekaboos” of light underneath the drapes. The chain will solve that. I also need to get a rake. And a length of PVC pipe that’ll fit in the track of the sliding glass door.  The door latch doesn’t work.  The adjustable bar that’s there now has a tendency to give way when you put pressure on it, which makes it totally unreliable as the only method for keeping that door from opening.   Can you imagine sleeping in a room with an outside door that won’t even latch, never mind lock?  I need to go take measurements of the drapes and the door track.

I’ve ordered one of those thingies you use for hanging up brooms and mops.  That’s going on the wall in the garage.  Also ordered a thingie to hang up your ironing board and iron.   I’ve seen what they have at Walmart, and they don’t have what I want.

I also ordered a new pillow, one that’s made for side sleepers. I’m sure that’s why  the upper edge of my trapezius muscles are all knotted up rock hard.  It’s not painful and they’ve been that way for years.  Now my PA has decided I need to be on muscle relaxers for that.  So far, not helping.

This is becoming a bit of a jeremiad.  Switch gears. I have been enjoying the new TV.  The picture quality is so good.  I need to figure out how to hook my Playstation  up to it so I can play Journey.

I have knitting to do, two shawls to make, an owl hat to finish, a fingerless glove pattern to write, still.  If I could figure out how to read and knit at the same time . . .