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Just a general wrapping up of loose ends.  Saturday week ago, we drove down to Round Top, Texas, for the 150 anniversary of the church my great great grandfather founded.  Numerous other rellies met us there.  We visited, stayed at a really nice place, ate too much (it’s a family tradition), had a good time and motored back.  More on that in subsequent posts.

2016_10_26-06The rest of this week, I had some loose ends to tie up knitting wise, patterns to proof, finish and post, I’m hip deep in a Foreigner reread, and I’ve started a new shawl to replace the one I gave away.  I’ve renamed it Malguri Morning.  It will have some color work that’s not included in the basic pattern as posted, which will make mine unique.  The Loops ‘n’ Threads Charisma bulky yarn (in the colorway “Mulberry Bush”) makes it soft and thick, and the simple pattern makes it good TV knitting (yes, that’s a thing).  The one I gave away was also made from Charisma yarn, so I know I’ll like the feel of the new one.

The yard lights that I ordered came in Friday week ago, but I couldn’t go get them until Tuesday of last week on account of getting ready to, and then going out of town over the weekend.  While I was picking them up, I bought a new porch light.  The electrician came by and installed them all Thursday, and with 100 watt LED bulbs, they light up my front yard very nicely, thank you.  Very pleased with the lights and the electrician, who is quite professional and knowledgeable.

I’ve got one WOL’s Owl Hat to finish and then I’ve got to write a fingerless glove pattern with an owl on the back of the hand, and make two pair of those to match the WOL’s Hats and Cowls that I’m making for my first cousins -1x and -2x, the daughter and granddaughter of the first cousin who went with us to Round Top this past weekend.  The granddaughter turned 13 this month.  Where does the time go? I’m working each set in a different colorway of yarn, one in Mulberry and one in Bouquet.  Then I’ll let them sort out who gets which.

Tomorrow being Sunday, my BFF will probably come over in the afternoon.  It being Sunday, we’ll probably have a good lie-in first.