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MLYA*, I had given my mom a tank type vacuum cleaner, which she never used.  It had a wand and a duster brush and a floor brush, but at the time, her house was completely carpeted, including the bathrooms, and she saw no need for any of its functions. It languished in the closet.  My BFF convinced herself that vacuuming up broken glass had rendered her vacuum unsafe, that tiny shards of glass were all inside it, and that there was no hope for it, it must be thrown away. (I tried to convince her that replacing the foam filters would get rid of the “tiny little slivers of glass” that were “all inside it,” but she remained unconvinced, and dumpstered it.)  I asked my mom if she would mind if my BFF had that vacuum she never used.  My BFF asked her what she wanted for it (meaning $$) and my mom said what she wanted was getting it out of her closet. I went and got it and put it in the trunk of my car knowing that my BFF was coming over on Saturday to watch my new TV.

My BFF doesn’t have a washing machine and has to do her clothes at a washeteria, so I told her when she came over to bring a couple of loads of clothes and do them in my machines.   This is a woman who wears a gown, a robe, a hat and two pairs of socks and sleeps under an electric blanket even in summer.  She is chronically cold.  Her metabolism is all cattywompus for a number of reasons, not the least of which is hemochromatosis, and I have a fuzzy blanket sitting out for her whenever she comes over to watch TV.

As she was pulling her fuzzy PINK robe out of the dryer and folding it up, I went and got this shawl and gave it to her, as it would match her fuzzy robe perfectly.   img_0002It is a truth universally acknowledged** . . . that there is nothing a knitter likes better than an excuse to knit something . . . so now I have an excellent excuse to knit another winter shawl.  I’ve already gotten the yarn.  I’m formulating a new pattern as I type . . . I’m going to call it “Malguri Morning.”

I’ve ordered the new light fixtures for the yard lights.  They should be here by next week.  Hopefully, sometime next week I can get light fixtures and electrician together and make yard lights happen.

*Many Long Years Ago
**Your literary allusion for the day.