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I called my landlady Wednesday night and she was very receptive to having the yard lights fixed.  She said the reason she hadn’t fixed them was that previous tenants hadn’t wanted them fixed owing to not wanting to have to pay the electricity bill on them.  Of course, with these newfangled modern LED light bubs* that use a fraction of the electricity that the old incandescent ones did, they don’t cost that much to run anymore. When you consider the safety factor and the crime deterrent factor, operating those yard lights is cheap at the price.  And LEDs not only last so much longer, they have come down so much in price that they are very affordable and extremely cost effective.

My landlady gave me some names.  One guy she had both names and both a land line and cell phone number for.  The other she just had a first name and a cell phone number for.  Guess which one I called.  I  asked him to come by and look at the lights and see if they were fixable.  About 10 minutes after I called him, it started sprinkling rain, and very shortly thereafter, it was bucketing down and thundering. All day long, the rain would slack off, stop, hitch up its drawers, and then start coming down hard and fast again. Needless to say, the electrician didn’t come by.

That afternoon, I had an appointment at the VA for my annual health check, and the street gutters over in that part of town were almost knee deep from the rain.   (I’m going to have to bring my binoculars next time I go to the VA and do a little free-hand bird-watching.  I have sighted at least one Athene cunicularia hypugaea hanging out in the prairie dog (Cynomys ludovicianus) colony that has taken over the vacant lots behind and beside the VA clinic building.)(!)

Today dawned mostly sunny, with scattered clouds.  I called the electrician again, and he stopped by to take a look.  I knew the fixtures were broken, but he was able to determine that there was power to the fixtures. The electric eye was also out.  He could rewire the old fixtures and make them work (at $69 an hour plus parts, thank you very much), but he said it would be more cost effective to get new fixtures.  We could buy the new fixtures and he’d put them in and replace the electric eye that turns them on at dusk and off at dawn, and the total cost to get them back on, including new fixtures and new electric eye, would be less than $200.

I did some fixture pricing and emailed the particulars to my landlady this afternoon.  I even offered to help her out by going to buy the lights myself if she’d let me take the cost of them off my rent.  (She is one of these women who finally retire from their busy, busy careers only to find that the peace and quiet of retirement drives them crazy.  Then they become “club” women and get involved in bridge clubs and luncheon clubs and music clubs and “seekrit” service clubs and such and are busy, busy, . . . . )  Haven’t heard back from her yet.  Busy, busy . . .

In the meantime, I need to back my car out of the garage and check out the garage door opener because no lights come on when the door opens or closes.  It may just be that the light bubs are burnt out and need to be replaced — if I can figure out how . . .

Oh, and mom got wind of a meeting being held by the lady who planned the trip to Savannah and Charleston that mom and I went on earlier this year.   She’s planning another “Spring Fling” for next year, and she’s talking New York City! . . .

This from Arlo and Janis made me laugh out loud.

And now for your delectation and amusement, a guy named Justin Johnson who can play a shovel if it has strings on it . . .


*Texan** for “bulb”
**It’s a whole ‘nother language.