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. . .To set up a flat screen TV?  Three apparently.  (A short, dark overweight one; A Val Kilmer wannabe, and a diminutive Asian-American one.  It was pretty classic.)  Two to do the carrying in and the installation of the legs to the bottom of the TV, and the setting it up on the sideboard, and (the Asian-American) one to fiddle with his smart phone for upwards of 20 minutes trying to get the TV to set itself up, connect to my WiFi, and then talk to TiVo.  Seems it was being a bit recalcitrant and kittenish and didn’t want to talk to TiVo.  When the second geek drew his smart phone and lept (figuratively speaking) into the affray, the poor TV capitulated, connected itself meekly to my WiFi feed, downloaded updates (insert obligatory technology joke here) and began conversing amicably with TiVo, whose screen it displayed with stunning color and clarity.   We are very high-tech now, and I can download the app and control the TV from my smart phone or tablet, — if I had either, which I don’t.  Therefore, the (sniff) low-tech Suddenlink remote was duly programmed.

The honor of the Geek Squad having been duly upheld, the Three Geek Circus folded itself into tenths like an Arab*, uploaded themselves to their Geek Squad van and hied them to their next install, leaving me the lion’s share of the day to enjoy my new acquisition! 2016_10_07-01The legs hold the edge of the TV just high enough off the sideboard for my TIVO box (dark grey on the right) to slip right underneath it, as well as my DVD player (silver on the left), with a space in between that is just wide enough for my digital clock.  There is great joy at the Wolery right now.  Mom has watched part of a Rangers baseball game, and I have been enjoying stuff I’ve recorded off TiVo.

The screen is BIG — 60 inches wide — I love it.  It’s like my private in-home theater.  The screen resolution is beautiful.  I have especially enjoyed watching the gorgeous scenery in the nature documentaries.  It has a special jack where I can plug in my cordless headphones, which I like as I can have crisp sound while keeping the volume turned way down — I guess I’m just so used to wearing headphones from 27 years worth of being a medical transcriptionist, but I do believe the sound quality is better through headphones.  Also, I can mute the TV, but still hear through the headphones so I can watch TV whenever without disturbing my duplex neighbor.

Shortly after I moved in, I had to get a cordless phone with five handsets because I need handsets in four rooms, but have to have the base unit sitting close to the TV because that’s where the cable is, thus a fifth.  The cable connects into a splitter that splits it into two:  One to connect to Tivo and one to connect to the phone modem which isolates the VOIP signal out of my cable feed for my phone service.  I have to put the base unit of the cordless phone next to the modem unless I want to string phone cord across the floor — which defeats the whole purpose of having a cordless phone in the first place  . . . Oh, and did I mention the fat(cat) has a tendency to chew cords?

Anyway, the TV is here and set up and watchable and all is happy campery chez nous in the TV department.

In the meantime, we’ve had some very concerning news from one of my cousins, EGG.  About seven years ago, her husband had a tussle with some kind of lymphoma — not sure what kind — and was apparently in remission until just recently.  After a bit of putzing about by their doctors, one finally ordered the right test, a CT scan, and found a 3.8 cm mass in the pelvic region.  For the nonmetric crowd, 3.8 cm is larger than a grape.  They are, as you might suspect, very concerned, especially in view of his history.  A core biopsy was ordered and performed, and we are awaiting results. This cousin is my dad’s younger brother’s girl.  As her father is deceased, she had asked my dad to give her away at her wedding.

In the amazing and gratifying events column is this. Several authors, including Neil Gaiman, somehow got wind of it and boosted their signal, and they got so many books, they had enough to share with other places.  So, Yay!

In the Wheel of the Year category, we’ve had a little cold snap (temps down into the 60’s/40’s F (15+/7+ C — We’re at the same latitude as Casablanca, Morocco, here.  It’s cold when you compare it to our usual temps!) and I’ve made my first pot of (Moroccan Mint, oddly enough) tea.  We’re supposed to be back up in the 80’s F (26+ C) by next week.  There’s been talk we’re in for a tough, cold winter, though.  I’m prepared.  I have gas heat now.

Today’s earworm is brought to you by the inimitable Elton John.  Buh-buh-buh-Bennie and the Jetssssssssss.

I started singing the chorus, and the fat(cat)boy went and hid.  It took me a minute to realize he thought I was hissing at him.  Poor little guy.  He was up on the footrest of my recliner a while ago, snuggled between my knees.  Like I said, we’ve had a little cold snap.


*Literary allusion. See last verse.