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One of the places I had to go Friday was the Department of Motor Vehicles to get the address changed on my driver’s license.  The DMV used to be way up at the north end of town, but they moved.  Now they’re way norther of where they were.  They’re practically next door to the airport– way the heck out past the loop in the inutterable boonies.   In retrospect, I should have hired a native guide and packed a lunch. . . .  What was I thinking going to a governmental agency without knitting?

I also had to make a stop at a local office supply place to get some bulldog clips (not to be confused with binder clips, which is a horse of a completely different color . . .).  The idea is to get two bulldog clips and screw one side of each to the inside of my under-sink cabinet door.  This gives me a way to hang my rubber gloves by the cuff so they hang open and air out inside.  (Binder clips won’t work, as there’s obviously no way to screw one side to the cabinet door.)  You have to predrill, then screw the screw in with a screwdriver which you pass through both holes on the clip.  It’s tricky, but perfect once you get them up.

Then I ended up at mom’s and we went to Best Buy and found a really good buy on a Vizio 60-inch flat screen.  For an extra $100, they deliver it and hook it up to your cable and internet and everything — yes, please! So I had the old TV picked up on Thursday.  The earliest the new one could have been delivered was Tuesday, but I’ve got stuff to do at the VA on Tuesday including a podiatry appointment I’ve waited two months for, and will be out of pocket most of the day.  The next earliest time is Wednesday, and I will be at home all day that day, trying to contain my excitement . . .

In the meantime, I’ve written a hat pattern that matches JT’s Cabled Man Cowl which was easier than I thought it would be, and turned out rather well, if I say so myself.  I’m calling it “JT’s Cabled Cap.” I’m still proofing the pattern, but I’ll put it up on my knitting blog when I’ve got the stitch count correct on the decrease.  2016_10_03-01