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Now that the house is pretty much sorted, the birthday party was a good time had by all, and things have settled down, I decided to address the problem of what to do with that honking great TV and armoire. I’d tried selling it on craigslist, and in the Thrifty Nickel and got no takers.  Mom suggested calling our local chapter of the American Council for the Blind, who had come and gotten dad’s recliner when she replaced it with a lift chair.  This morning I called the ACB, and they said the earliest they could come out was Tuesday, but I have two appointments at the VA and knitting group on that day.  The next opportunity was the 11th (groan).  I told her that I really, really wanted rid of these items, and she asked her boss if a special pickup could be arranged for either Thursday or Friday.  My schedule was such that I could plan to be home all day both days.  They said they’d call about 30 minutes ahead of time if they could come out.

Knowing, as I do, how the world works, I immediately launched into a cooking project, knowing that they’d call when I was right in the middle of it.  I had a pair of baking potatoes stashed in the fridge which were whispering “Bake me!” so I got them out, cleaned them, put foil down on the cookie sheet and greased them up with olive oil.  I had the oven heating nicely and got ready to bung them in.  The cookie sheet was too wide to fit in the oven.  I put it in the long way and attempted to close the oven door.  The cookie sheet was too long to fit in the oven.  In a panic, I got out the step stool and got down one of my glass baking dishes, lined it with the way too big sheet of foil I’d put on the cookie sheet, and in the oven they went.  (I shall have to get a shorter cookie sheet toot de sweet else I won’t be able to bake biscuits — Perish forbid!)

Then I got out my pasta pot and started a load of miniature elbow macaroni, which was once the height of fashion, with the intention of making some pasta salad with tuna.  I opened the cans of tuna and set them to draining.  Then I got the pasta cooked, the onion cut up, and put those together with the peas and chopped olives in the dish, and practically on cue, the phone rang.  It was the ACB guys.  They were 20 minutes out and would be at my house shortly.

Immediately, I backed my car out of the garage and parked it in the middle strip between the garages.  Then I started moving furniture to clear a path to the garage and began unhooking various electronic equipment. Then I corralled the fat(cat)boy.  I’d just got everything ready when they showed up.  They hauled the TV and then the armoire out to their truck in short order and I went back to my pasta salad, which lacked only the tuna and the mayo to be a done deal, and had a bowl for lunch.  (I’m enjoying a “loaded” baked potato as I type.)

Tomorrow, bright and early, I have some errands to run, then about lunchtime, I’m heading to my mom’s and we’re going TV shopping at Best Buy.  Watch this space: