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2016_09_23-01*The fat(cat)boy was not thrilled with being confined to my office for the duration of the party, even if his eaties and drinkies (at left) came with, but I did a lot less worrying about him as everybody else came and went and nipped outside to show off cars and visited and ate and drank and had a good time.   One couple did not make it to the party as they are on vacation and weren’t going to get back in town in time to come, but as much as we wanted them to be there, it was probably just as well, as there were 11 people at the party, including the hostess, and we would probably have had to suspend them from the ceiling to fit them in!

2016_09_23-02I had seating for 10, and I knew I wasn’t going to be doing much sitting, so that worked out just right.   I pushed my table up against my china cabinet and put my (plastic) Battenburg lace table cloth on it, which looked very special.  I found some red plastic bowls of two sizes for the munchies and I put my ottoman tray on top of 2016_09_23-06my ottoman for a coffee table.

We had wine and chips and dips and nuts and Goldfish crackers for munchies, but the pièce de résistance was the cake, which fit right in with the decor.  I was able to find the right digits of those candles for kiddies so we could have the right number of candles without setting off the smoke alarms!  It was a plain white cake but quite delicious all the same.  Then the birthday girl blew out the candles.

The Birthday Girl

The Birthday Girl


My BFF and JT of JT’s man cowl fame. . .


The birthday girl, JH and AS, two dear, long-time friends










From left: DK, AS, JH and DK’s wife CK


From left: LR, my SIL and Bro













JH’s husband SH was out of town but due back on Friday.  Unfortunately, he was not able to get an afternoon flight, but he did make it in early enough to come by for a little while later in the evening.

2016_09_23-10Even though we’d said “no gifts, please,” DK and CK brought my mother one.  CK had noticed that my mother’s wallet was falling apart and was held together in places with tape!  My mom had gotten it as a gift from her late sister sometime in the late 1990’s and — oddly enough! — it was showing signs of wear.  The style of wallet that my mom likes includes a space for a check book and credit cards as well as places for both forms of money — a kind of all in one.  What with the advent of debit cards and smaller purses, such styles are unfortunately very hard to find, but CK managed to find a lovely one that was just the kind she likes.  CK and DK have been dear friends for many years now, and it was just like them to come up with such a perfect gift. (The gift wrapping had included a little nylon net pouf as part of the decoration, which my mom put on her head — We’d been through three bottles of wine by that point in the party!)

2016_09_23-09Toward the very end of the evening, we let the fat(cat)boy out of durance vile (my office) so he could mingle with the four remaining guests.  He is the most outgoing of all the cats I’ve had, and he is quite happy to approach and be petted by complete strangers. . . .

It was sneaking up on 11 o’clock by the time I helped my mom carry things to the car.  We’re already planning her 100th birthday party . . .