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2016_09_22-04Or, since I’m referring to housecleaning, would that be the house stretch?  Of the six items I had on my To-Do list, I’m down to three:

  • Two big kitchen boxes left to unpack.
  • Two last kitchen cabinets and a drawer still to clean. (not going to happen this week!)
  • Finish hanging pictures.

You’ll notice cleaning the  bathroom’s off the list.  That got ticked off the list this evening.  It’s now as cleaned as I can get it and de-scaled (our water here is hard as a rock), and pictures hung to cover the splotches on 2016_09_22-01the wallpaper.  I’ve earned every bite of my reward (see above).

The party’s tomorrow.  I’ve got the living room and dining room configured for “party” with seating for 10.   I’ve cleaned and dusted and gotten all the pictures hung everywhere but in my office, where I still have some to hang, and in my bedroom where I have some to hang.  That will happen tomorrow.  I’ll take out the trash, change my bed and do probably two loads of wash (one of sheets and towels, and one of clothes), vacuum my bedroom carpet, and that will finish things up.

2016_09_22-02The bathroom actually looks pretty nice, considering the cabinets need painting badly and whoever calked around the bull-nose tiles at the top of the tub surround wiped calk off onto the wallpaper all the way around.  There’s also this large smear of something on the wallpaper above the tub, but I’ve covered it with a picture.

The light fixtures over the sink are so weird. They’re swagged on chains, but the chains are so long they were hanging down over the mirror.  I’m sure the lights were supposed to hang about 18 inches lower than I’ve got them, but then they would be right in your eye when you stand at the sink. In order to get them up high enough where they’re not in your face, I had to loop the chains.

2016_09_22-03At some point down the road — after I’ve found the circuit breaker box — I’m going to shorten the chains. I’ll need to throw the circuit breaker to turn off the electricity to the bathroom.  Once the electricity is off, I’ll have to take the electrical wires off the light sockets, unhook the pendants and pull them off, take about 2 feet of excess chain off the end, hook the pendants back on to the chain, feed the electrical wire back through the pendant, shorten it and reattach it to the light socket.  It’s actually no more complicated than rewiring a lamp, which I’ve done multiple times.

img_0001Oh, and the crowning touch to the bathroom transformation — a “spare roll holder” — just finished it tonight.  Nothing fancy, just cute, and in matching colors.

2016_09_21-02 The living room has come together nicely.   I will be so glad to get rid of that armoire and TV.  They’re such space hogs.  I’ve had to reconfigure the seating slightly, and put some of my dining room chairs out.  I’ve got one of those big ottoman trays that lets your ottoman2016_09_21-04 do double duty as a coffee table when you need it to.

I’ve hung pictures and accessorized.  I’ve moved my little reader’s table into the office for the duration, which is where the fat(cat)boy will be, too.  His fountain and food dish are on this large plastic tray, which I can just unplug (the fountain) and move into the office and plug in there.  That’s where his poop box is.   I don’t mind him being out while the party is going on, as he’s quite friendly — he’s convinced that the only reason people come to my house is to pet him!  What concerns me is people coming and going through the front door.  I’d be terrified of him getting out.  I live on a very busy street and he is strictly an indoor cat.  So into the office he goes, where he’ll be safe.

With all the rain we’ve been having, the front flower bed needed weeding badly.  The landlady suggested a guy to call.  I called him on Saturday, and he said they’d be out to look at it in about an hour to agree on the price.  I knew from his name he would be Hispanic, but he also proved to be rather elderly.  We agreed on a price, and he and his wife promptly set to work.  It looks nice now.  I’m looking forward to planting things in it.  There’s nothing in it now but two rose bushes.  I want to get some kind of flowering bushes, some bearded iris, some English lavender,  and some kind of low ground cover for along the walkway.  I also need to get some 18 x 18 pavers, perhaps two for the back and at least one for the front so I’ll have something to stand on when I turn on the faucet to water.  I did get the hose hanger hung up by the front spigot so I don’t have to coil the hose on the front porch by the door. (I’ve got one for the back, but haven’t hung it yet. ) It looks nice, if I say so myself.  Now, if the yard guy would just mow the yard tomorrow, that would be excellent.

I’ve been looking forward to the party and showing off my new digs, and visiting with all the guests, but I have to confess, I’ll be glad when it’s over, too, and I can rest up.

I’m so tired of cleaning.  I cleaned that stupid kitchen floor on my hands and knees.  It was so filthy.  I didn’t like the pattern on the vinyl flooring to begin with — little squiggly bits of avocado green, harvest gold and burnt orange — and busier than a kicked over anthill!  Now that I’ve spent three hours up close and personal cleaning it, I’m sure I don’t like it.  It’s pitted and scarred and still looks dirty despite all my hard work, but that’s not really surprising. It’s original to the house, which was built in the 1970’s, which makes it almost 50 years old, and it looks its age.  I still have that one little corner of the kitchen to clean — two cabinet doors and the cabinet inside, but it’s not going to happen this week. I’ve still got those two boxes in the garage, which are pots and pans, to unpack, but that’s not going to happen this week either.

2016_09_21-01All the cleaning I’ve been doing has taken its toll.  My shoulders and arms are sore, my bad knee is sore, my hands are sore.  When I wasn’t down on my hands and knees scrubbing, I was up on a step stool  cleaning and vacuuming . . .  the dining room chandelier at left is a case in point.  I’m ready for some down time.  I want to sit down and write a knitting pattern for some fingerless gloves with an owl on to match the hat and cowl . . .