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My mom has been about to come unglued because I still don’t have my dishes put up.  She’s been going on and on about it.  She assures me she would have done it within the first week, but then she hasn’t had a closeup look at the state this kitchen was in, nor does she appreciate how much cleaning had to be done to get the cabinets in a fit state to store things I’m going to be eating food off of. I’m talking about layers and layers of grime, drips and splashes. Even though I’ve been wearing a face mask, eventually, the smell of the cleaning products gets to me — that and my arms give out on me and I have to stop for a day or two.

Part of it is that my mom has a very low “critical mess” threshold (unlike me!).  She not only wants her things neat; she wants everybody else’s things neat. If somebody on her block doesn’t keep up their house or yard the way she things they ought, it just drives her up a wall.  She likes everything picked up, cleaned up and put away all the time.  My dad used to say that if you didn’t catch the newspaper on the first bounce, it would be in the garbage before you got a chance to read it.

I have been making slow but steady progress on the kitchen.  I still have some lower corner cabinets to clean, but I’ve put the shelf liner in the ones where dishes and glasses will go and I started unpacking  boxes yesterday.  Got 20 unpacked, and have 8 left, plus two bigger boxes that I know are pots and pans.  I would have done it in stages — dishes, china cabinet, whatnot cabinet, etc., but the packer did not label the boxes and everything is all jumbled together.  However, no dishes are going into the cabinets until they’ve been through the dishwasher, and that’s a rather lengthy process, which is proving to be a bottleneck.

2016_09_03-022016_09_03-03I now have ten bags of packing paper and a stack of boxes in my back bedroom ready to go out to the alley.  (The back door is in the bedroom, and it’s a sliding glass door. . .) They would have gone out yesterday but I was determined to get four more boxes unpacked, and it was good and dark by the time I got it done.  I’m probably not going to start taking the stuff out to the dumpster until I get all the boxes unpacked.  (There’s two teapots I haven’t found lids for yet.)

I started another load in the dish washer a while ago (third load), but all this stuff on the table has yet to be washed. I was going to put the glass shelves in my china cabinet through the dish washer and get them nice and clean, but the dishwasher takes so long and I’m tired of hearing about it, so I just cleaned them with glass cleaner so I can put stuff away and to heck with it.

I have a lot of vases and knickknacks, and I’m just putting them in places until I get everything unpacked so I can sort through them and decide what I want to go where.

2016_08_27-02The two main tasks I still have left to do are to clean the kitchen floor (on my hands and knees with a scrub brush and rag — it’s just ghastly!) and I have yet to tackle the “company” bathroom (that’s probably a two-day job in itself).  I’ve got some mats that will go down on the kitchen floor — the pattern on the vinyl flooring in the kitchen is so ’70’s and so busy!  I’ve still got caulking to do in the en suite shower, but otherwise, all I have left is hanging pictures, hanging some drapes in the “office” (my books and CDs are all shelved) and deciding which “objets d’art” I want to put where.

Friday morning, I got the 20,000 mile (or two years) service on my car. I noted as I pulled into the garage later, that I’m about 21 miles away from 6000.  Friday evening, I had dinner at my mom’s, but our good friend CK brought the food.  Her husband is staying on their “ranch” near Llano, where they have a house, but she has some health problems that require close monitoring, so she’s been staying at their house here.  She had been hungry for this particular casserole she makes, so she volunteered to bring the food if my mom would provide the accoutrements and beverage.  It was very tasty, and involved noodles, mushrooms and Parmesan cheese.

I’ve been listening to the Illinois Street Lounge channel of SomaFM on my internet radio while I’ve been cleaning and unpacking.  They play “lounge music” from the ’50’s and early ’60’s, back when the cha-cha-cha was all the rage.  This song is on their playlist.  I’ve always been partial to both Cole Porter and Peggy Lee.  it’s from the musical “Kiss Me Kate.”  I’ll leave you with it . . .