2016_08_13-07I’ve made some progress on the kitchen, but I still have a long way to go.  This is what I’m up against.  Click on the picture to see it in all its messy glory.  It looks like they had a food(s) fight in the 2016_08_13-08kitchen. All that has to be cleaned up off the front of the kitchen cabinets, and then the spills and spots on the shelves have to be cleaned up and shelf paper put down.   Not all of the cabinets are this bad, but none of them had been cleaned in a while.

Saturday, I got all of one bank of drawers, and the cabinet doors under the sink done, and silverware, miscellaneous kitchen utensils, kitchen towels and hot pads put away.

I got a plug strip mounted up underneath the cabinet for my small appliances, and I got the stove top and backsplash (emphasis on the “splash”) behind the stove cleaned, and the new burner pans put in and all the counter tops on that side wiped down good.  That leaves all the top cabinets and the corner cabinets between the stove and dishwasher to go.  Once I get the cabinets cleaned and the shelves lined, and once I get the glass shelves in my china cabinet and bow front cabinet all cleaned, I can start in on the large stack of boxes in the garage.  I’ve been eating off plastic plates with plastic silverware for two weeks now, and I’m ready to get my dishes back.

2016_08_13-02Friday, I got all but one box of books shelved in the office, and all but one bookcase sorted.  The yarn bins are in the closet where they are going.  I still have to vacuum off the ceiling fan blades and figure out how to organize all my knitting accoutrements (needles, notions, gadgets, etc.), since the dresser where I was keeping them is now in the living room, but I think I know what I’m going to do with them.   I still have two boxes 2016_08_13-03to put in the closet, and a small piece of “surplus to requirement” furniture to move to the storeroom, but I think another half a day will see the office sorted.  I’ve gotten all the boxes but that last box from the office broken down and taken out to the dumpster.

I have the vanity in the master en suite cleaned and sorted.  There is still some “decorating” to do, but I can’t do that until I can unpack the stack of boxes still in the garage.  Apart from hanging pictures, the bedroom is done.  I still have cleaning to do in the en suite “water closet” and grouting/calking to do in the shower and along the baseboards of the floor.

2016_08_13-06 2016_08_13-05I still have not touched the “company” bathroom yet. That’ job is going to take at least a day if not a day and a half.   I think I’m leaving that room til last.  Sufficient unto the day . . .

The living room has had a little bit of decorating done.  As you can see, the big entertainment armoire dominates the space.  I want to get rid of it and replace the big hulking CRT TV it contains with a flat screen which will go on the sideboard to the right of it.  I can’t move that right-hand chair into a more realistic position relative to the fireplace until the armoire is gone because if I do, I can’t get the door of the armoire open.  Ideally, the two club chairs would flank the fireplace, with the ottoman between them.  I have a large wooden tray I can put on the ottoman so it can double as a coffee table in social situations.  The dresser under the window in the top of the two pictures is where I currently have my knitting accoutrements stored.

I think tomorrow I’ll back my car out of the garage and take pictures of the “surplus to requirements” furniture, drapes and rugs to list on Craigslist.  Then I can get the store room organized and move the bins of pictures into the house.  Our universities are about to start the Fall semester.  It’s a good time of year to try to sell furnishings.

This past Sunday, mom and I and our friend CK went to see “Florence Foster Jenkins” with Meryl Streep and Hugh Grant.  It was a completely enjoyable movie.  We decided we also want to see the film “Sully” with Tom Hanks when it comes out

When I got into the car yesterday to go to the bank to change the address on my accounts and to get walked through their new on-line banking procedures, the Silver Beetil’s odometer read 5900.

I’m finally beginning to get better sleep — partly because I’m getting used to sleeping here now, partly because I’ve managed to darken the bedroom to a significant degree, and partly because the pain in my hands, particularly, and feet has eased up.  Longer periods of sleep have meant longer, more coherent dreams.  Friday night, I had a long, rambling dream about meeting Neil Gaiman and traveling with him for a while, and having a rather involved discussion with him about life, the universe and everything . . . . Saturday, I dreamed I was Sam Elliott’s daughter, and was back home again after having had a rather harrowing escape from some unknown danger.  Last night, I dreamed I was babysitting Amanda Soule’s children, and sewed a raincoat for her youngest daughter Annabell that involved clear vinyl material that was lined with sprigged muslin with little pink flowers on a white background.

Speaking of dreaming, I think I hear my beddy-boo calling my name.  I’d better go see what it wants . . .