Just to give you and me a chance to calm and center, here’s this, which is magical.

Shark biologist and freediver Ocean Ramsey swims with whale sharks in the Philippines, wearing not much of a bathing suit, and some serious flippers.

OK. Monday, I lined up some duplexes to go see, and told my mom about them.  Then, Mom called me because she’d found a duplex she want me to go see. She and our friend CK met me there and mom really liked it. It’s about a block off Indiana Avenue.  The landlady didn’t mind me having a cat. My mom knew of her from the Women’s Club and PEO, and she was in our friend CK’s PEO* chapter. The duplex was nice but it had a couple of serious feng shui issues, and was very 1970’s !GREEN! but otherwise I was OK with it. We went from there to look at another one and it was a real dump. Tuesday I had one scheduled to view at 2 p.m.  Mom met me at that one and it was OK, but it was already at the high end of my price range and the added expenses for yard care put it out of my price range, and it was too far away from my mom for her comfort.  Tuesday evening I called the landlady of the one my mom liked and told her I wanted it.  Wednesday I signed a 2-year lease on it. (!) So that’s it.  I’m moving.

I had already gotten some estimates from moving companies, but my new landlady suggested a company I hadn’t called.  Wednesday afternoon, I called them to see what kind of schedule mesh we could work out.  The upshot of that conversation is that the packers are coming the 26th.  I get the keys (and the garage! door! remote!) on the morning of  the 27th, and the movers are coming the 28th.  I’ll probably be spending all day on the 27th at the new place putting down shelf paper, hanging drapes, measuring for furniture placement, etc. I have to be there anyway between noon and 4 p.m. as the gas man cometh to turn on the gas and light the pilot lights for the water heater and heating, and that is his time window for doing so.  I’m going to try to make two trips before noon, bringing drapes, lamps, appliances, etc., and a couple of trips after the gas man goeth.

Bright and early on the 28th, the fat(cat)boy goes to the pet hotel (his reservation is already made), and his stuff (poop box, food, litter, etc.,) gets loaded in my car along with whatever else I can cram in there.  The movers come late that morning.  Then the cable guy and the “Oz” water guy (reverse osmosis) come on the 29th.  I plan to be handing the keys to the apartment to the apartment manager on the morning of the 1st.

I decided it was worth the money to have the professional packers over to pack all my dishes, the stuff in my china cabinet and curio cabinet, and other breakable objets d’art and whatnots.  Sunday I have to load up my car with all the boxes I’ve got stored in my mom’s attic to pack up my books.  The movers will move all these boxes.

So. It’s a brick duplex.  It’s very 1970’s.  The living room has dark wood paneling and a brick fireplace with mantel.  The refrigerator is Harvest Gold, and practically the twin of the one in the other duplex, except it doesn’t have a shelf in the freezer.  I’ve got one I’m going to use.  The kitchen and dining area has striped wallpaper.  The counters are 1970’s “Fresh Green.”  The kitchen cabinets are ash with a yellowish golden stain treatment on the doors.  The kitchen has this incredibly busy orange and avocado green floor covering that is just totally obnoxious.  It’s gouged and old and I would like nothing better than to cover it with adhesive backed tiles.  That will definitely be a future project.  It has a separate laundry room off the dining area with washer and dryer hookups and a door.  The rest of the duplex with the exception of the bathrooms has brown wall-to-wall carpet,

The second bedroom is kind of small and pokey, but has a nice big closet with a wide opening covered by two pairs of bifold doors.  It has a linen closet in the hallway.  The main bathroom has one of those molded all in one piece counter + sink thing with green(!) swirls in it and has a bathtub with no shower.   There’s a big cabinet in the bathroom too.

The master bedroom is nice and big, but has an odd en suite setup.  The sink, counter and mirror are at one end of the bedroom just out in the open, with nothing in between it and the rest of the bedroom.  It has a separate “water closet” that has a toilet and shower behind a pocket door off to the side.  The shower is rather small and a titch claustrophobic.   There is a large, walk-in closet with a tall rod on one side for dresses and long coats and two rods on the other side for hanging separates (blouses, slacks, skirts, etc.).   The back door, which is a sliding glass door, is in the master bedroom also, so in order to take out the garbage, I’ll have to schlep it through the bedroom. It’s going to be problematic to get the bedroom dark enough to sleep in during daylight hours.  I’ve gotten a set of blackout curtains for the sliding door.

I can already envision the fat(cat)boy pushing the drapes open to watch CatTV out the sliding door while I’m trying to sleep in. Maybe he’ll just crawl behind them.  I’ll see how it goes.   I’m not going to move the catflap I’ve got.  He needs a bigger one.  I really need to get a video of him going out the cat flap here.  It’s pretty funny watching him oozing his enbonpoint through it. The only other window where he could watch his favorite CatTV programming is in the living room and he would have to climb for it.  I’m going to set it up for him, and then teach him how to get up to it. The exercise will do him good. The house does have a storm door on the front door, which means I can open the front door without worrying about the cat getting out and will have time to shoo him back before I let people in or out.

Feng shui wise, the new place has many good points going for it.  According to its siting, this is a Li house in the East group, which means it sits south and faces north, the best possible orientation for a person whose Kua number is 9, and who was born in the year of the Ox.  It’s a brick house, which makes it an “earth” house, which again is good for an Earth Ox.  The actual front door is in the north sector, which is my Nien Yen (relationships) sector, but the door actually faces east, which is even better as it is my Sheng Chi (success) direction.  The master bedroom is in the southeast, and this is my Tien Yi (health) sector.  There are closets and toilets in the southwest sector of both the house and the master bedroom, which is my Wu Kwei (five ghosts) sector, and the best sector for storerooms and toilets. The kitchen is on the west side, my Lui Shar (six killings) direction, and again my best direction for a kitchen.  The stove plug is on a south wall, again good.  The garage is in my Chueh Ming (total loss) sector which is, again, a good place for it.

But as I mentioned, the place has some serious feng shui issues.  The actual front door is in the north sector and faces east, but the door I’ll be using most is the one that comes in from the garage, which faces north (not bad) but it’s in the northwest sector of the house which is the very worst sector for me to be coming and going through.  There is a cure for this problem, and I’ve already taken steps.  I have a terracotta sun face plaque (fire destroys the metal influence of this NW sector) to hang in the garage by that door, as well as a unicorn sun-catcher to hang in the window of the door in from the garage to “guard” the entrance.  The sun face plaque will do double duty as my “spotter” to help me line the car up to get it into the single car garage without hitting anything (!). This is the aspect of the house that is the most concerning from the feng shui standpoint.

The house is also missing the northeast sector, as the front door is actually by the wall that ends up being the back wall of the garage.  But that’s not all that bad as the northeast is my Ho Hai (mishaps) sector.  Oddly enough, the house has a “sunken” living room, the floor of which is a step lower than the rest of the house, so it has a built in “mishap” right at the edge of that missing sector.  Such “sunken” or split level designs are bad feng shui. (The movers are not going to be real happy about it either.) However, the dining room is a step up from the living room, which is better than its being a step down.  I’m going to interpret the step down into the living room as “grounding the house in the earth,” and make that a good thing.  I’ll hang my gold drapes on the window on the north wall to mitigate the missing sector.  The brick fireplace helps “earth” the wood paneling (fire destroys wood and produces earth), and I’m going to use red (fire) accents in that room to help mitigate all that wood paneling (wood exhausts earth).

One other thing, the duplex has a nice big flower bed beside the front walkway with nothing in it but two rose bushes, so I can have irises again(!), which I’ve missed.   I’ve already talked with the landlady about it, and she’s up with me planting things in it that bloom.  It also has a back yard and a little square pad of a patio just beyond the sliding glass doors and a large tree that shades most of the yard.  The landlady pays water, but I have to keep the lawn watered, which reminds me, I need to buy hoses and sprinklers.


*PEO is a Sekret, No Boyz Allowed Club my mom belongs to. They do Sekret Stuff at their meetings which they are not allowed to talk about to nonmembers.  they network with each other professionally and do Good Stuff for the community.