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“…and fugitive dreams
such as the one I had last night,

which, like a fantastic city in pencil,
erased itself
in the bright morning air
just as I was waking up.”

from Lines Lost Among the Trees
by Billy Collins

I have Terri Windling to thank for turning me on to this beautiful little image.  You may follow the link to her blog and read the whole poem there, and feast your eyes on her lovely photographs while you’re about it.

I’ve not been posting much lately. Not much has been happening.

One of the things that hasn’t been happening is my bathroom is still not fixed. The little night stand I had in my bathroom because the poor excuse for a bathroom vanity has no drawers has been in my bedroom since June 20th.  There is still a hole in the wall and a fan sitting right in front of it to keep the cat out of it, and an extension cord going out of the bathroom to a plug in my bedroom because when you turn the bathroom light off, it turns off the only plug in the bathroom as well.  The bath mats are still hanging over the drying rack in the living room from when I washed them.  I suppose I could fold them and put them on top of the washer and get the drying rack out of the middle of the living room, but I’ve just left them there.  The head maintenance guy was going to order an access panel to patch the hole, but that’s the last I’ve heard about it.

Of course, to be fair, part of the problem is that there are 17 buildings in this complex each with at least 8 apartments, and there are only 3 maintenance guys, and it has been hotter than a $2 pistol firing uphill lately and they have been busy fixing people’s air conditioners.  When I say hot, I mean hot like today’s high was 105 F (40.5 C).  It’s been as hot as 107 F (41.6 C).  Couple that with 40% humidity, and the heat just sucks the water out of you.  Tonight’s low is predicted to be 78 F (25.5 C).  I’ve been staying indoors out of the heat.  All both of my ceiling fans (one in each bedroom) are on, plus I have a fan going in every room.  I’ve got so many fans on that if I turn on one more, I will have to contact the tower and get takeoff clearance.  I got another pedestal fan like the one I have in the living room that I like so much, and I have it blowing on me now as I type.  I’ve been sleeping days, and being awake at night when it’s cooler.

I’ve been working on a short story from the same universe as here, here, here and here and that’s been taking up a nice chunk of my time.  If I can get it licked into shape, I may try submitting it to various places and see if I can get it published.  I have to qualify that last statement in that I write for my own satisfaction and enjoyment.  Publishing my writing has never been a goal, but I rather like this story, and I may submit it to several places and see what happens.

I’ve been knitting, making some headscarves.  I have a moratorium on new projects until I finish most of the 10-12 projects I’ve got going.  I do want to make a scarf/hat/fingerless glove ensemble for SEL, my little first cousin twice removed who lives in Washington State (not to be confused with RRD, my first cousin twice removed who lives in Galveston who will be a year old in August) — I’ve already gotten the scarf started.  SL is 12 going on 13.  I think it’s something she’d like and use. I’m also going to sincerely try to go “cold sheep”  for a while due to space problems.  I quite literally have no more room in my storage bins for any more yarn.

I’ve also been reading.  As I mentioned, I got 5 ebooks out of my settlement from the Apple anti-trust suit.  I’m about to start an October Daye reread to pick up the two new books in the series that I just got, plus the novelette. I have them all in ebook format so I’ll be Kindling them.

Mostly, I’ve just been laying low, trying to stay out of the sun, and inside from the heat.

Also, found this which is cool as it’s local.