My mom’s washing machine has been acting up for the better part of two weeks now.  It won’t let go of the lid unless you unplug it from the wall and plug it back in.  Unfortunately, in order to reach the plug, you have to move the dryer.   This Wednesday was the last straw.  She had to move the dryer three times to “reboot” the washer so she could finish doing laundry from my cousins’ visit (sheets, towels and pillowcases), and then right before the final spin of the final load it quit on her and she had to wring out a load of bath towels by hand and then hang them out on clothes hangers on the patio until they dripped dry enough to be put into the dryer.

My mom is rough on washers.  This is the third one she’s had to buy since we moved into that house in 1961.  They just don’t make things like they used to.  (She’s only on her second dryer, though, which she had to buy in 1981.  It’s still working fine, however.)

This washer is only 18 years old and you’d think she would have called a washer repair guy to come out and take a look at it when it started acting up two weeks ago, but the washer is a Kenmore (read “durn, new-fangled contraption”), and she’s never liked it.   Apparently, having to move the dryer and un-/re-plug the washer every time you want to wash a load of clothes is one thing, but having to wring out a whole load of towels by hand is outside of enough.  Wednesday, she went out and bought a new Amana washer and dryer.  (She wanted them to match.)  They were not in stock but will be delivered.  She got a good deal on them.

My two first cousins and my first cousin once removed (the older one’s daughter) had come for a visit last week.  They drove over from Dallas Wednesday week ago to visit my mom.  That Thursday, they (and my mom) drove over to visit another cousin and his wife and her mother in Capitan, New Mexico, gambled at the Inn of the Mountain Gods (owned and operated by the Mescalero Apaches), and came back last Saturday via White Sands. Then last Monday they went to Palo Duro Canyon on a day trip.  They left Tuesday bright and early to drive back to the younger cousin’s house in Dallas, from whence the other two will fly back to Pearland so that my 1st cousin removed x1 can get ready to go on a trip two days later. (For those keeping score, my 1st cousin removed x1 is the sister of the daddy of Miss Raelyn Rose, of knitted baby clothes fame)

Of course each cousin and my 1st cousin removed x1 has a smart phone, which they played with constantly.   When I saw this Arlo and Janis comic strip this past week, I sent it to my mom.

Arlo and Janis

My mom informed me that the younger of my two cousins wrote on her Facebook page that she wanted to be just like my mom when she grew up.  Sez my mom, “At 70, I hope she does it soon.  Ha.*”  My cousin is the one who’s 70, not my mom.  My mom is 91.

* “Ha.” is momspeak for “LOL”