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Unfortunately, the leak is in the Brazos River, which has jumped its banks.  There is flooding in that whole area south and southwest of Houston.  She lives near Rosharon, TX, which is right on the Brazos.  My mom talked to her tonight and I talked briefly with my mom afterward.  She said my cousin said her house is now on an island.  She has been fortunate so far, though.  Many people in that area were not so lucky.  There are flooded homes and trailers all over, and a lot of people have had to be evacuated.  Many of the people in the rural areas down there raise cattle including my cousin. and they have had to be rescued.  I hope my cousin hasn’t lost any of her cows.  Mom didn’t say.  This cousin is the younger daughter of the youngest of my mom’s 3 sisters.

Screenshot_4The Brazos is a long ol’ river.  One of its headwaters, the Salt Fork of the Brazos, starts way up here, just outside of town.  Another, the Double Mountain Fork of the Brazos, is about 40 miles southeast of us near Tahoka.  The 45,000 square mile watershed the Brazos drains reaches clear into New Mexico, as you can see at left.

Right now, at Rosharon, the river is at 52.35 feet, according to the Screenshot_5National Weather Service.  Flood stage is 43 feet.  Major flood stage is 51 feet.  The recorded flow currently in the river at Rosharon is about 80,000 cubic feet per second, so it’s a big leak.

We’ve been having rain all along its watershed, as well as all through East Texas, and there has been intermittent flooding in and around the coastal plains where Houston is for months now, including flooding in Houston itself.  We’ve even had some flooding way up here   Playa lakes here in town were overflowing last week.  There’s one over by me.  I’ll have to go check it out tomorrow morning.

Screenshot_6All this area south and southwest of Houston is low-lying coastal plains and prone to flooding.  It’s also rainy and humid there, oddly enough.  (Some of my uncles used to farm rice in that area.) The Brazos flows into the Gulf of Mexico at Freeport which is down at the bottom of the map.  Rosharon is where my flooded cousin lives.  Richmond was where the first video was taken.  I’ve got relatives in Pearland, Galveston, Alvin, and all through that area, and a blog friend in League City.  The thing that is most concerning is that it is still raining down there.

In other news, we’re going to be on the road again in the fall, it seems.  We’re planning a short trip to Round Top, Texas again.  I’ve got to call in the morning and see if I can’t get us reservations at the Gate House again, where we stayed before. My cousin from NM will be going with us, and he wants to stay there (he’s the son of my mother’s oldest sister). More on that later.