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I’ve been knitting, and writing knitting patterns, and pottering, and catching up on my TV watching.  I did manage to wash two loads of clothes as I was binge-watching NCIS. . . .  I’ve got a pair of headphones and a really long cable I can plug into my TV, which conveniently has a headphone jack right on the front, so I can watch TV late at night and hear the sound when there’s a fan running, or the washer or dryer are running, without having to set the TV volume on stun.

As we are heading into the heat of summer, I am shifting toward nights, when I can watch TV without the hot air pouring off its huge cathode ray tube causing the AC to run like a hamster in a wheel all day, resulting in an electricity bill that’s higher than giraffe’s ears.  Also the clothes dryer puts out a lot of heat, and the dead of night, when it’s coolest, is my time of choice to run the dryer as well.  Also if I need to work (and I need to if I want to pay my car insurance), during the night is when it’s quietest.  Thumper, the 4-year-old boy who lives upstairs, is asleep and I can hear myself think.

2016_06_03-01Tuesday, I started this pattern in some Red Heart Unforgettable Petunia yarn and it’s coming along nicely.  I’ve been knitting while watching TV and I keep paying more attention to the TV than I do to the knitting, messing up, and then having to rip out a bunch.  2016_06_03-03However, so far, so good.  I’ve decided it will have tassels at the corners, which are, as you can see, all ready to go.  It’s a pretty combination of colors, I think.  I like the colors available in the Unforgettable yarn.

I got that little bowl at Pier One and it’s just the right size for computer knitting.  I usually work out my knitting patterns while sitting at the computer.  I’ll have a Word document open so I can write down what I’m doing, but edit and change easily if I need to.  (That’s Tazo’s Irish Breakfast Tea in the glass, BTW, although it could easily be Harvey’s Bristol Cream.  I have a bottle stashed away . . . .)

I’m also using the same Unforgettable yarn in a different color (Tidal) to do the Diagonal Dance scarf.  It tends to be a little on the fuzzy side, though, and I always end up with some fuzz in my mouth for some reason. 2016_05_28-01 I finally got around to putting all my bathmats back down (and folding and putting away my wooden drying rack).  Never mind the cold floors under bare feet, but particularly the half bath was too echo-y.

Haven’t gotten around to my vacation photos yet, but I’m finally getting around to putting up some photos I took April 6th of the prairie dog (Cynomys ludovicianus) town in the vacant lot behind the VA clinic, and some wild flowers in the area.

2016_04_06-03 2016_04_06-01This is not out on the outskirts of town.  (In fact, it’s about 3 minutes from where my mom lives.) There are built-up areas on all four sides of this large vacant lot.   And where you find prairie dogs, you often find these guys:

2016_04_06-13They are so well camouflaged that I didn’t even realize there was one out there until I got home and was processing the photos.  Athene cunicularia hypugaea — big name for a bird that’s smaller than the prairie dogs whose abandoned burrows it uses for its nesting sites — a great adaptation for a bird that makes its home on the treeless expanses of the Great Plains.  The burrowing owl is the “underground owl” from which this blog gets its name.   The “dogs” have a right little colony going.  I counted at least 10 burrows.

2016_04_06-11At 6 days into April, the grass was beginning to green up, and there were wild flowers blooming:


Huisache Daisy (Amblyolepis setigera)


Prairie Fleabane (Erigeron modestus)

The wild flowers of the Great Plains are, like most of it’s wildlife, small and unobtrusive.  The blooms of the Prairie Fleabane are about the side of a nickel.  The Huisache Daisies are about the size of a 50-cent piece, and Spiny Asters are about the size of a quarter.