Doing a little signal boosting for a worthy cause, aid to the people of Nepal who are still suffering the after-effects from the devastating earthquakes that happened there over a year ago.  The artist G. C. Myers, a personal favorite, has gotten involved with the Soarway Foundation which was formed this past year by former US Ambassador to Nepal Scott DeLisi and his wife, Leija. Their goal is to raise awareness and funds that will get quickly into the hands of people and organizations that can have an immediate impact in Nepal.

soarway-poster-smNot only has he allowed the use of one of his paintings as a poster (Signed prints of which can be obtained for a $25 donation), but he has also  has donated this lovely painting to be awarded as part of the fund-raising campaign.  Do go investigate this by clicking here, not only for the charitable effort, but as an opportunity to help thwart human trafficking in this desperately poor country.