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Note: I didn’t post this until after we got back so as not to advertise the fact that I was gone on vacation.

It’s 11:00 o’clock Monday evening, 25 April.  We’re supposed to go on our trip to Savannah, GA, Friday morning, 29 April.  I’ve got to get the house cleaned up, buy groceries, pay bills, do a couple loads of clothes, pack, and get Jaks loaded up and to the pet hotel Thursday evening, and hie me to mom’s house, where I will spend the night, as we have to be at the airport at 7:00 a.m. Friday morning.  I’m in the “office” working on the computer, Jaks has begged at the arm of the chair several times, which usually means one or the other of his bowls is empty or the poop box needs to be sorted.

I get up to go see what he wants, and as I go into the hallway, there’s a big puddle of water on the floor.  The little throw rug by the poop box is soaked.  Surely, he hasn’t knocked over his water bowl, I think, but no, there’s too much water! The other throw rug is soaked.  I check the full bath.  The bath mats are soaked.  I dash into my bedroom to check the half bath.  The bath mats in there are soaked and the carpet in the entryway to my bedroom squishes.  I dash upstairs.  No, my upstairs neighbors assure me.  No water is on up in their apartment.  I leave a frantic message for the maintenance man and start bailing.

There’s water all in the hall closet where the poop box and one vacuum cleaner live.  I’ve got to move it into the “office” along with Jaks’ food and water and Jaks and shut him up in the office.  I’ve got to take the plywood box the poop box lives on top of out of the closet, get the extension cord (!) that powers the poop box and the vacuum cleaner up out of the water on the floor and start sponge mopping up the water.  I load dripping throw rugs and bath mats into the mop bucket and dump them in the washing machine.

2016_04_26-01Here comes the maintenance man and the apartment manager (who for some inexplicable reason is wearing a tiara with her tee shirt and blue jeans).  I can hear water running in the wall between the two bathrooms and so can they.  The maintenance man cuts a hole in the sheetrock of the wall of the half bath above the toilet, can hear the water but can’t see it.  He cuts another hole partway through the wall of the hall closet.  The sheetrock is soaked.  Then I have to move furniture out of the half bath so he can cut another hole at floor level 2016_04_26-02and voilà!  And it’s a gusher.  There’s a leak in a pipe right where it comes up through the concrete slab of the foundation.  So then they have to go turn the water off (to the whole building!).  In the meantime, I’m sponge-mopping up water hand over fist. Finally, they get the water off, and are able to stop up the leak.  Finally, I get ahead of the water puddling in the hallway.

The carpet guy comes and vacuums up as much water as he can get up out of the carpet and pad.  I’ve got this whacking great fan drying the carpet in my bedroom and closet, which I had to turn off so I could snatch a few hours of sleep.  My half bath is a mess.  I’ve got the door closed to keep Jaks out of the mess, which is not helping things to dry out. 2016_04_26-04 2016_04_26-05

I’ve not heard from the maintenance guy or the apartment manager yet this morning, so, do I start the washer when my water might need to be cut off at any moment?  I’ve got wet throw rugs that need to be washed.  I’ve got bathmats that need to be washed.  I’ve got two loads of clothes that need to be washed.  I need to vacuum and dust and clean bathrooms.  When I called just now (10:00 o’clock), the apartment manager didn’t answered her phone.

It’s a sure bet I won’t be going to knitting group tonight.

The leak was fixed last night.  (Nice of them to tell me — not!) The maintenance guy came back from where ever he was with a pair of fans.  I didn’t sleep well with my door open and the courtyard lights coming in from the “office” window down the hallway.  I barricaded the half bath doorway because the plug in the half bath (see above) that the fans are plugged into doesn’t work unless the lights are on, and there’s no point in having the fan on with the door closed, and Jaks doesn’t need to be ferreting around in the hole in the wall by the toilet or walking around on the floor.

I got four loads of wash done – two loads of throw rugs and bath mats — they’re hanging on the wooden drying rack I’ve got set up in the living room — and two loads of clothes and sheets.  While I was waiting for the washer and dryer to do their thing, I read and took it easy.  Never mind a good house clean.  I’ll do that when I get back once the dust has settled from the sheetrock repair. About 8 o’clock last night, I took my bath and washed my hair, and had clean sheets to sleep in.  I closed my bedroom door and only had the fan in the hallway going, and got a good night’s sleep. After I took my meds this morning, I went back to sleep and slept til noon.  I was just exhausted.

I’m giving the floors a good vacuum, folding up the last of the clean clothes and generally putting things away and/or sorting them out.  I’ve got everything in the half bath put away or taken out in readiness for them to come fix the sheetrock whenever they do that.  I’ve got to get all that out in the hall so I can vacuum the bedroom, then put it in order ready to put back in the bathroom. I’ve got to get my suitcase down from the closet and I’ll start laying out what I’m going to take on the trip. I pretty much have in my mind what I want to take.  My Social Security money is in the bank, but I can’t use any of it until after midnight, which is when I’ll go get groceries.  I’ve got things to buy for the trip, too, like mosquito repellent and hair barrettes. (It bothers my mom when my hair falls in my eyes.)

I got the money order for my rent and have turned that in. I’ve got all but two of my bills paid, but one I haven’t gotten yet, and one is not due until after I get back. I’ve gotten a 32 GB card for my camera (that should be plenty of room!).  I’ve got trash to take out, the pet fountain to disassemble and wash. I’ve finished packing me and I’m about to pack up the fat(cat)boy. All that will be left then will be to put my suitcase and the fat(cat)boy in the car and and bustle him off to the pet hotel.  Then I’ll land at mom’s.

There are supposed to be thunderstorms in Dallas tomorrow. Hope that doesn’t screw up our flights. It’s also supposed to be raining in Savannah over the weekend and Monday. I have packed a nylon jacket and an umbrella.