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We had a little cloudburst just now, rumblies, rainies and a splutter or two of hailies.  Nothing big, or dangerous.  Just a little thundersnit.

IMG_0001The daughter of a long-time family friend AS and her husband welcomed a little tax deduction on April 15th.  Rubina Christine arrived on schedule, and the new grandpa will be wending his way to meet his new granddaughter on Friday.  He will have a baby afghan, two baby sweaters and hopefully at least one pair of baby booties to take with him.

My taxes are all ready to mail after I get my money order tomorrow. Next week will be busy and we will have a repeat of our garage sale to try to sell what we didn’t sell last time.  I would really like to sell my dishes.

I’m having a hard time finding a free desktop clock that I like that will display more than two time zones, mine, and Zulu/GMT, which is how that jive outfit in San Francisco times its end-of-pay-period — midnight GMT on Saturday. I did find one I liked, but it’s $20, and I don’t know if I can afford to like it that much. I had a free one I liked but I can’t get it to correctly display GMT.

Now, I think I’ll go work a puzzle on Jigsaw Planet.