According to my weather widget, we’re scheduled to be blustery today and Thursday, and a cold front is coming through on Friday with highs going down from the mid 70’s F (21+C) to the mid 50’s F (11+C).

tired_animals_01_157487205I didn’t go to knitting group yesterday.  My days and nights are out of kilter again, plus whatever high pollen count we’re having now (primarily grass, but some tree –The Weather Channel does not go into detail . . .) causes a zombie reaction  — I feel like I’m in a fog, I have no energy and I tend to fall asleep when I sit down.  I know this is an allergy reaction because it hits at the same times each year and other allergy suffers have reported similar symptoms.

My left arm is not as bad as it was, although it’s still complaining about certain movements.  I don’t know which has more to do with it, me going back on the gabapentin, or padding the arm of the recliner where I sit at my computer.  What I do know is that I still have a drinking problem.  When I try to lift a cup or glass with my left hand and bring it up to my mouth, about halfway up, my elbow yowls.  Sigh.  Guess I’ll have to lighten up on drinking southpaw. . .

Yesterday, I had a clothing crisis — I opened my unmentionables drawer and it was empty — it was not a grave crisis; there were some clean, but they were in the laundry basket where they’d been sitting with other clean clothes for an embarrassing amount of time.  But, the laundry hamper was also overflowing full, so a load of clothes is in the dryer at the moment.  I’ve got to strip my bed and wash sheets, and run the comforter through the “air” cycle in the dryer so I can pack it away and get out my summer spread and sheets to put on the bed.  At some point, I’ve got to go get groceries, and I’ve got to go to the bank to get the money order for my rent.

2016_03_30-01I’ve discovered the name of the stitch pattern in the baby blanket mentioned in the previous post.  It’s called “horseshoe lace”  I don’t see how they get horseshoes out of a motif that’s pointed at the top.  They look like Starfleet insignias to me.  I took my version of it and made a little scarf out of it, and put it on my knitting blog.  I’m calling it “Chevronica Scarf” which I thought was catchy.  My version of it looks like the overlapping scales of dragon skin. . .

I’m using yarn that LK who is in my knitting group gave me.  She “inherited” a huge stash of yarn from a friend whose mother had passed.  She took what she wanted, let me take what I wanted and then brought what was left to knitting for everyone else to have some of.  It’s a size 2/Fine yarn which is fairly thin compared to regular worsted weight, it’s sparkly and it’s knitting up nicely.  I have it by my computer for “work” — when I transcribe for that jive outfit in San Francisco that I work for, I have to stop periodically and rest my hands.  Knitting a pattern repeat (8 rows of 37 stitches) or two works out about right.   I’ve got about 12 inches on it now (see above).

I’ve got to get up directly and change my bed.  At some point I’ll have to fold up the now clean and dry clothes.  I’ve taken to dumping the clothes basket out on the dining room table and sitting there to fold them . . .  I’ll do it in a minute . . .   zzzZZZZ.f26e7ba53c221b49e0ed470c604e805f