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Starting 21 March, there will be more daytime per day than nighttime.   We are in favor of this, the fat boy(cat) and I.  Alas, we are currently in the midst of the annual Attack of the Bradford Pear Trees (Pyrus calleryana), of which there are a zillion in this town, all of which are in bloom at present.  My sinuses are having a right little hissy fit as a result.  Various choice imprecations of Anglo-Saxon derivation are being hurled along with the odd Zut, alors!  

In further items of interest, I made my first pitcher of iced tea of the season Saturday, but I’ve been alternating it with pots of Tazo chai tea with creme brulee flavored Coffee-mate . . . the latter of which is liberally laced with sugar and fat, but then aren’t we all . . .  It is a beverage of major noms.  Equally major noms was the chicken pasta salad I made Saturday.  White meat chicken, chopped black olives, chopped white onion, elbow macaroni, canned peas+carrot combo (drained) and Hellmann’s mayo.  Made a big bowl of it.  Good-good.  Gone-gone.

In the knitting news, this (see pattern here) has since become this:

2016_03_08-01And I’ve started writing a new scarf pattern which will be long and rectangular with a ruffle at each end:

2016_03_08-02More on it later.

My office window is the designated CAT-TV viewing location on the premises.  Yesterday, we had special programming courtesy of the big guns from a local plumbing concern who performed “preventative maintenance” on the sewer line for my end of the building, the trap for which is right outside the window, which hopefully will keep the tree roots out of the sewer line and keep things moving right along, which is how we like them.

Weatherwise, our highs are back down into the low 70’sF(21+C) to high 60’sF(18+C), and our lows are pretty consistently in the high 40’sF(7-9C).  We had some thunder rumblies last evening, but I was at the computer catching up on my blog reading and didn’t want to dump the fat boy(cat) in the floor* to get up and go see if we got rained on, too, or just only rumbled at.  We are forecast dripping clouds for tomorrow as well.

I just finished the latest Sebastian St. Cyr novel, When Falcons Fall by C. S. Harris and the decks are cleared for the newest Foreigner novel, Visitor,  by C. J. Cherryh which hits the shelves on 5 April.  I am all agog to get my little mits on it.


*I have a recliner and a rolling computer desk.  When I am at the computer, I am reclined in the chair with the rolling desk pulled close to me. At some point, Jaks invariably lobs himself onto the foot rest and curls up between my legs.  In order to get up from my desk, I have to sit the recliner up, which folds up the foot rest, and perforce, dumps the fat boy(cat) off rather unceremoniously in the process.  Fraught happens.