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It was in the middle to upper 80’sF(26.6+C) Friday and Saturday, down into the mid-50’sF(12+C) Sunday, the high today was only 54F(12.2C), and now at almost 11 p.m., it’s 39F(3.8C) and raining.  It’s supposed to be right at freezing tonight, and tomorrow it’s supposed to snow. Since tomorrow’s high is predicted to be 45F(7.2C), the snow’s likely to melt on impact, but tomorrow’s low is predicted to be 27F(-2.7C) with below freezing lows Thursday and Friday.  What you call your washboard weather — up and down and up and down . . .

My left elbow has settled down and is no longer painful to bend.  However, pronation of my left forearm is still painful, and grip strength is limited by pain (I can’t open a screw on lid, or hold the bottle to open it with the other hand and I can’t hold something steady in order to manipulate it with the other hand). Also compression is limited by pain — pressing down on anything or pushing against something.  Today I finally got through to the VA at about 2:45 and got our local office.  Fortunately it was a day when my physician’s assistant was there, and she ordered x-rays. I threw on some clothes (tricky to pull up your pants with no strength in your left hand.  Ditto putting on a bra.) and went pelting down to get there before 4 o’clock (3:45 — phew!) The x-rays will be interpreted by a radiologist (physician) in a couple of days and they’ll get back to me.  (Knowing the way the system works as we both do, I asked the x-ray tech if he saw anything, and he said he didn’t see any obvious breaks or cracks. If he had, I’d have gone straight from there to the emergency room.)

If I do have a detectable injury, good odds are it will be a hairline crack in my scaphoid bone — the most common mechanism of injury is a fall onto an outstretched hand — oddly enough!  I can type all right (obviously), although it’s tricky to turn my hand over to do it.


Three by Three Asymmetrical Scarf


Trellis Path Asymmetrical Scarf

In the knitting news, thankfully, I can knit without pain, since I knit continental style. I just wrote two new asymmetrical scarf patterns, “Three by Three Asymmetrical Scarf” and “Trellis Path Asymmetrical Scarf.” The established pattern is just a two line repeat which is easily memorized;  they may be what I’ll be knitting on my trip this spring.  I especially like the yarn on the second one, which is a Red Heart Boutique Unforgettable, color: Candied, weight: medium (4), 100 g/3.5 oz, 256 m/280 yds.  The rainbow self-striping keeps going into lavender, pink and peach before it starts over with the yellow again.  It’s really quite a pretty color pattern.  The “path” is that stockinette strip that goes up the left side.  The two patterns are actually quite similar, with the exception being that the first one is garter stitch over all the left-hand field, whereas the second one has a bar of stockinette down the left edge.

I looked it up on the TSA website and you can take knitting needles on carry on and hand baggage (in my purse), and I will be taking a pair of bamboo circular needles, not these metal ones.  You can also knit during the flight.  I’ll carry everything in a gallon baggie so the TSA people can see everything without having to get into the bag.  I’ll take a printout of the pattern, but once I get the first 13 rows done, it’s just repeating two lines of the pattern over and over until you get to the final six lines.