This from Radiant Spirit Gallery is something that actually happens, but even so, it has a fairly high weirdness of image score.

Friday night, after my VA appointment at 2 p.m., and getting mom switched to a new cellphone carrier (at half the price she was paying), and the two of us having dinner at IHOP, I went by my BFF’s apartment to give her a plate hanger dodad.  She had gotten this really nice Royal Doulton dinner-size plate with giraffes on.  It had come with a little stand, but she didn’t really have a place to put it, hence the plate hanger, of which I have many, left over from a divestment of over half my blue and white ceramics collection because downsizing. (The living room in the old duplex was approximately the same size as half of my current apartment.)  I have started her on the Foreigner series.  She’s at book two.  (I’m about to finish book #16, after which I’ll have to wait for book #17 to be published in April.)  We got in a big discussion about things Atevi and it was after 9:30 when I left.

The level of her apartment building and the level of the parking lot are different by about two feet.  There’s a retaining wall all around it and periodically there are these wonky concrete paver steps to get down from the apartment level to the parking lot.  The footing of the steps is tricky, the pavers forming the steps are not level or straight, and they are not lighted either.  I am always very hesitant about climbing them, with good reason.  My BFF has fallen in the parking lot several times due to those steps, so I am twice careful.

Last night, as I was going down to my car, I lost my footing and fell off the last step.  I broke part of my fall against the hood of my car with my right hand, but I landed on my left hip and outstretched left arm hard enough to get a small abrasion on the heel of my left hand from the pavement.  I don’t even have a bruise on my hip.  I didn’t land on my hip hard at all, but I jammed the bones of my left arm and shoulder together right sharply and today my elbow is sore, and the muscles in my forearm are sore, and it is painful to move my arms in certain ways.  That’s the only part of me that hurts, but it hurts right smartly.

As long-time readers may remember, I had rotator cuff repair on that left shoulder in 2009, and in 2013, I injured my neck, left shoulder and left arm trying to upend a 40-pound bottle of water onto a water dispenser and ended up with, among other things, a pinched spinal nerve and a small herniation of a vertebral disk in my neck.  Those issues have since resolved, thankfully and I have not had any trouble from that quarter for at least a year now.  But, what is concerning at the moment is when I move my arm in certain ways, I suddenly have no strength in my left hand, or I have give-way weakness in my hand and arm.  Part of it is due to muscle pain, as certain movements are rather sharply painful, but part of it is due to a sudden muscle weakness to the point where I can’t even manipulate my hand, and that means nerves are involved somewhere. Big red flag.  I’m taking Aleve, some  gabapentin that I had left over from when I tapered off it last year, and a liberal slathering of tincture of time, mostly because I can’t let the VA know until Monday and unless I want to go to the emergency room, that will be the soonest I can look for any medical treatment.  Knowing the VA, it’ll still be weeks before I can see anybody anyway.  So, I’ll see how I feel Monday.

The most disheartening thing about the situation is that nothing short of a lawsuit is going to get the apartment complex to do anything about those steps, which are really and truly a hazard.  I am going to call the apartment office and complaint on Monday, not mentioning any names.  I doubt it will do any good except allow me to vent.  Thank goodness for Aleve gelcaps.