Mag Challenge 303

woodman francescaThere is a finity to my days
And ignorance is bliss.
And all around does but distract
Where most I want to look,
At the farthest off horizon
And what lies there beyond.
Live as I might
As though I knew
The tally left was small
Do what I will,
Though strive or not
The final day will find me.
Despite the cosmic echos
And the depths unplumbed beyond
After much consideration
But one path left to go.
Put foot before the other
And lean into the wind
Enjoy the journey while it lasts
Nor pass that way again.


No explanation for this one. The first line just popped into my head this evening and I acted on the impulse to scribble down the odd parade of the rest of it, before one or another of the myriad incarnations of the person from Porlock could derail it. The language is a bit arcane but there it is.  Make of it what you will.

The fact that I’ve been listening to the music of Lucette Bourdin might have something to do with it, or my neurochemical state (which is improving, BTW with the resumption of an evening dose), or with things I know are going to happen in my life, sooner or later, will I, nil I.  I have a theory about how music can entrain your brain, and I wonder about the wisdom of listening to music made by a woman who knew she was dying of cancer, but it’s cosmic stuff and I like it.

For a long time Bourdin was primarily a painter and only started making music in earnest when she was diagnosed with breast cancer, which fight she lost in 2011.  I’ve only just now discovered her works through Earth Mantra netlabel, that has a bunch of her stuff and collaborations with other artists up on the Internet Archive site as free downloads.  If you’re into ambient or space music genres, you might check out Earth Mantra.  I found them through internet radio and hearing Palancar and liking his stuff and wanting more.  The interwebs is a strange and marvelous thing.