16.  The Man in the Picture, Hill, Susan
15.  Hexwood, Jones, Diana Wynn
14.  *Imago, Butler, Octavia E.
13.  *Adulthood Rites, Butler, Octavia E.
12.  *Dawn, Butler, Octavia E.
11.  The Sandman: Overture, Gaiman, Neil (graphic novel)
10.  The Golden Rose, Bryan, Kathleen
9.   *Tower of Thorns, Marillier, Juliet
8.   *Three Men in a Boat, Jerome, Jerome K.
7.  The Serpent and the Rose, Bryan, Kathleen
6.   Who Buries the Dead, Harris, C.S. (reread)
5.   Why Kings Confess, Harris, C.S. (reread)
4.   What Darkness Brings, Harris, C.S. (reread)
3.   When Maidens Mourn, Harris, C.S. (reread)
2.   Where Shadows Dance, Harris, C.S. (reread)
1.   What Remains of Heaven, Harris, C.S. (reread)

* Ebook