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My new RAM chip came in and CK came over and we put it in and wiped my old computer drive (everything on it had already been cloned to the 1 TB drive), so I now have two hard disks which combined give me over 1 TB of free disk space.  That’s 1 terabyte of free disk space. I remember when I thought a 500 GB drive was all the hard drive I’d ever need.  Plus ça change . . .

I’ve already read eleven books this year and I’m knee deep in another that’s the first book in a trilogy, and I’m two-thirds of the way through another trilogy.  I’ve ordered the third book from Amazon, but it hasn’t gotten here yet.  I’m about to start my Foreigner reread (16 books) for the new book that comes out in April.  I’ve already finished my Sebastian St. Cyr reread for the new book that comes out in March. I should have started it in February, but I was desperate for something to read.  Plus ça change . . .

My mom and I are planning a trip to Savannah, GA and Charleston, SC in late spring.  It’s a tour, and we’ll be gone 10 days.  That’s the longest I’ve ever left the fat boy (cat) at the Pet Hotel.  Poor little guy.  At least they play with him, and he is very outgoing.

After talking with CK, I discovered that my BFF could not get her 17-inch screen size laptop replaced for what she could afford, and would be limited to a 15-inch screen.  So I got the model number of her computer and started looking for replacement screens, found out you can get one for around $80-$100(£50-70), called around to computer shops locally, and found a reputable place that would replace her screen for around $200(£140).  In the meantime, I hooked one of my monitors to her laptop and discovered that the computer otherwise is functional, so yesterday we took her laptop over to get it fixed.  Turns out fixing her laptop would be more cost effective than buying her a new computer after all, so there’s that.

My BFF has the same problem I have.  She can’t live on what she gets from Social Security, and she can’t find a part-time job that pays her enough to take up the slack.  As a cost-cutting measure, she wants to discontinue her land line which is costing her around $40(£28) a month, and get a cell phone, which would cost her $18(£13) a month – plus she’d have to buy a cellphone. The cheapest of their phones is around $40(£28).  She would then have to spend another $40(£28) a month for internet service, which she really needs to have — there’s no point in having a computer if you don’t have internet service and all the places where she’s applied for a job want you to have email, which you can’t have unless you have internet service, or access to it.  Of course, she could get a free G-mail email account and use the internet and/or computer at the public library, but that’s a PITA*.

What I think she should do is get one of those Magic Jack things.  You get the gizmo plus a year’s phone service for $59.95(£42).  The phone service is VOIP, (which is what she has now through Suddenlink) so she’d have to have internet service in order to use it, but the actual phone service is only $29.95(£21) a year compared to $216(£152) a year for cellphone service.    She’s coming over later today, and I’ll talk to her about it.

I’ve been listening a lot to Moonphase Radio while I do stuff on the ‘puter.  It has three different streams:  high bitrate and low bitrate feeds and a feed for android phones.  They say they play “ambient” but they evidently have a very wide interpretation of the genre.  They play very little “space music.” What they play is more structured, melodic, but unobtrusive instrumental music. Very easy listening.  They play a lot of Palancar, whose music I like.

I’ve discovered the Internet Archive, which has a lot of Darrell Burgan’s (AKA Palancar, et. al.) music on it.  I’m going to have to explore it and see what else I can find there.  It’s all free download stuff.  I may be “kid in the candy store”-ing on that site for a while now that I’ve got all this free space on my hard disks . . . .

In the knitting news, I’ve started a little red dress with “lacework” in the form of inset hearts.  It’s for my little 1st cousin removedx2 in Galveston. Perfect for Valentine’s day.  I’m trying to finish it before the beginning of February.

*acute neuralgia of the gluteus maximus.