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2015_12_27-03Beetil (in the middle) in the snow yesterday afternoon.  It’s a combination of sleet and snow (sneet?) and frozen hard.  I’m glad to see the predicted low for Wednesday night is now 17F (-8.33C).  When I looked yesterday evening, it was 4F (-15.55C).  I’ve got my Walmart special royal blue fleece shirt on with a sleeveless undershirt (singlet) on underneath it, leggings and my pink fuzzy socks on under my yarn slippers. I’ve got a lap robe on and until a few moments ago, I had a fat cat between my knees.  I’m glad he’s gotten down, though, because my thermos carafe is empty.  I need to brew some more Earl Grey hot, and maybe think about going night-nights.  Here’s a shot of the area in the center of my end of the apartment complex.

2015_12_27-01  As you can see, we’re quite snow-covered,

2015_12_27-02drifted in places,

2015_12_27-04and I crunched when I walked, and didn’t leave appreciable footprints except in a few places, faintly up by the foot of the stairs.  The snow has a frozen top on it, probably a function of its being so cold.

My weather widget shows it’s still snowing, but squinting in between the Venetian blind slats, I can’t tell we’ve gotten that much more snow.  We’re supposed to get up to 41F (5C) on Thursday.  I can hardly wait.

I ordered some calendars, books and stuff from Amazon with my Xmas money, and I’m expecting them to come Wednesday.  Good thing I put a new battery in my doorbell plonger.