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My mom and my BFF came for Christmas dinner at my house today.  Although I sent leftovers home with them, there is still way too much food in my fridge. . . delicious food.  I can hear it calling my name . . .

2015_12_24-012015_12_24-04I managed to get both the knitted presents (one apiece) finished on time and in my BFF’s case, just in time for nasty weather.  This is a combination hat/scarf (“harf”)  I made for her from a pattern I’m working on.  This is actually the proof of concept version.  It’s close to what I wanted but not quite there yet.  The panel across the back of the head needs to be wider to give the hat portion a deeper “cup. ”  But as it stands, it’s deep enough to stay on the head and to cover the ears, which is what I needed it to do.  I’ve got some more Charisma yarn, which has a very soft, snuggly hand.  It’s not grey, but a different color called “Northern Lights.”The Mark II version is several projects back in the queue though.  2015_01_25-02

The pattern starts on the top of the head using Turkish cast on.  The hat portion is knitted all of a piece, working around in a “U” shape from the center line.  Then when you get to where the tails divide, you add a second ball of yarn and knit both tails “two at a time.”  Of course, you could knit it from end to end, fold it in half and then inset the panel that forms the back of the hat — but here’s the kicker — the Turkish cast on makes it look like it was knitted from end to end because the cast on is absolutely seamless.  When I get it looking (and working) like I want it to, I will publish the pattern on my knitting website.   I got this finished just in time.  I’m glad I got it finished in time to give it to her today because she’s going to need it come Sunday, when it’s supposed to get colder than the proverbial wedge and snow on us.

2015_12_24-05I also did this scarf for my mom.  It’s in “honecomb stitch”  I like the style of it and how it “works.”  After you’ve knitted 6 inches of honeycomb stitch, you put every other stitch off onto a separate needle, tie on a second ball of yarn, and knit about 4 inches of K1, P1 ribbing with each group of stitches, then put them all back onto one needle again, and continue the honeycomb stitch.  This makes a little ribbed “sleeve” for the other end of the scarf to slide through and holds it on your neck.  I’m writing a pattern for another scarf in the same style using the same yarn except instead of using the honeycomb stitch, I’m using feather and fan stitch.

I finished another baby sweater in variegated pink yarn and I’m working on a dress as well as a baby afghan for the baby coming in April.

I ran across this today:  The catchphrase “There’s an (smart phone) app for that” has taken on an interesting new meaning in the form of an app called “Be My Eyes.”  There may be hope for humanity yet.  Makes me wish I could afford a smart phone.