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2015_12_21-02Another baby is on the way, a second grandchild for long-time family friend AS.  My parents co-opted his daughters for grandchildren over 20 years ago, and the lawyer one is expecting her second child in April. Their first was a boy; this one is going to be a girl. I only found out about it Wednesday, and I’ve already gotten a little top finished, and the top half of a dress done.

The parents of this baby live in Austin, which is further inland and less humid (although not by much) than Galveston (which is located on a barrier island) (where Little Miss Raelyn Rose is doing just as fine as frog hairs, thank you very much!) Austin gets hot in the summer, too — 95+F/35+C for highs, which is par for the course for most of Texas, even where I live up in the Panhandle, actually.  They usually get about twice as much rain as we do, though.  We typically average 16 inches a year to their 34.5 inches.  (Yeah, but you ought to be here on the day it comes . . .)

Cool Cat - CopyI’ve been listening a lot to Interstellar Radio Station, an internet radio station, as well as Ambient Art Sound while I knit.   I can listen to music while I knit, but if I’m doing anything that requires looking at a pattern, I can’t watch TV.  I invariably mess up if I do.

Cat with a ScarfOur computer guru has ordered my computer.  It’s a refurbished Dell, (which have warranties).  It’ll be two weeks before he can get to juicing it up as this week is Christmas, and next week, they are going out of town, and the Tuesday after they get back, he’s having cataract surgery.  He’s going to clone my 500 GB hard drive onto a 1 TB hard drive, then wipe my old drive and put it in as an auxiliary drive.  That should make the change-out practically painless and give me oodles of room for music.  I’ll back up my games just in case.  The new computer will have a separate graphics card and will have 8 GB of RAM and a quad core processor.  It will be a desktop.  I don’t want a laptop.  I hate laptop keyboards.  I’m not going to part with my beloved Logitech keyboard.  It has the lightest touch and I love that it’s slimline.  Nor am I going to part with my two monitors.  The new computer will have two monitor ports, so I won’t have to use my adapter thingie that adapts one monitor’s VGA connector to to a USB connector.

When he ordered it, he had them ship it to my mom’s house since, because of the holidays, there was no way to predict how long it would take to get here, it requires a signature upon delivery, and they are, as mentioned, going out of town next week.  As it happens, Mom just called, and FedEx says they’re going to deliver it some time tomorrow and she’s going out to some kind of do with her church friends in the middle of the day, so I’ll decamp to her house for the duration.  When it comes to sitting and knitting, it doesn’t really matter to me where the chair is, as long as it’s comfy. . .

xmas bah humbugMom and my BFF are coming to my house for Christmas dinner.  I’m not making anything from scratch.  We’re having frozen everything.  Prater’s dressing is second only to my mom’s, and neither she, nor I see the point of going through the whole song and dance for three people.  I’ll bung it all in the oven and set the timer.  After we’ve  libated with the bottle of rosé I’ve got in the fridge, we’ll be so full of Christmas spirit we won’t care. We’ll have two servings of everything so our hips will balance, put a big blop of Cool Whup on the Walmart pumpkin pie and devil take the hindmost.

. . . and a parsnip in a pear tree. . .