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Five Day Forecst 11-27-2015Yep.  It’s colder than a wedge.  It’s 12:30 in the afternoon, and that’s the temperature outside ( That’s minus 2015_11_26-031.66 C for the Celsius crowd).   Good thing I spent Wednesday evening knitting up a pair of house slipper booties (see below).  Somebody brought a pattern for them to knitting group Tuesday, and after I finished all the ruffle scarves I was knitting for my mom, I knitted up a pair of these 2015_11_26-01booties.  (I made seven or eight of them for Mom to take her pick.  She’s going to donate the rest to auction off at this club she goes to.  They have a Christmas auction every year.  People bring stuff to auction off to each other, and the money goes to a scholarship fund. )

The booties were really simple to make.  Took me about four and a half hours to make them.  You knit them flat, fold them over and then sew up the sole and the back.  I used this bulky yarn I’ve had in my stash for probably 20 years and made them all at one sitting.  Now my hands are sore. It’s hard to work with that bulky yarn.

There’s so little humidity in the air that if I have my headphones in when I take off my lap robe, the static electricity generated shocks me in the ears — kind of like a do-it-yourself electroshock treatment.  Gets your attention.  Every time I do it, I think, “Next time, I’ll take my headphones out first.”  I never remember to do it, though.  Sigh.  When I work at my computer, I’m either listening to an internet radio station or one of my playlists from Rhapsody.2015_11_23-02 so I’ve always got my headphones in.  I’ve got speakers, but I like the headphones better.

And the fat cat is in a snuggling mood.  He’s so heavy that I have to brace myself when he jumps up on the footrest of the recliner or he will sit me up.  He always looks before he leaps — and I can feel his paws on my ankles, so I know to brace.   I have to encircle him with my legs before I sit up so as not to dump him unceremoniously on the floor — ease him to the floor.

I really need to shop for groceries, but today’s Black Friday, and the weather is crummy and cold.  If it’s not raining tonight, I might go late.  Freezing rain is not the kind of weather I want to drive in.