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It’s been below freezing for several nights this past week, and in the low 60’s F/16-17 C during the day.  Week before last, it blew a hoolie and thundered, rained and carried on, and was really windy all the next day.  After our little storm, I finally turned the heat on, but I set the thermostat to 65 — my wardrobe is a lot deeper than my pocket book, which is to say, I can put more clothes on for free.

IMG_0004I’m still trying to get my days and nights skewed around to where I’m on “day shift” again.  Went to bed last night at 7 p.m., woke up at 4 a.m. and couldn’t get back to sleep, so I got up and fired up the computer.  I’ve been working on a knitting pattern for a triangular scarflet that I was having trouble getting to lie flat. I think I’ve finally got it now. It’s got a tricky combination of a yarn over, a slipped stitch knitwise, a slip-slip-knit, then pass slipped stitch over.  The slip-slip-knit with the pass stitch over gives it an interesting texture, and the yarn overs give it an interesting lacy effect.  The body is garter stitch.  It’s only a four-line pattern.

As I was sitting at the computer knitting earlier this morning, some Canada geese (Branta canadensis) flew over.  That’s the first time I’ve heard any flying over.  There’s a playa lake about a block away, which I’m sure is where they’re going. I might suit up and go for a walk outside and investigate it.  I need to walk. I don’t get anywhere near enough exercise.  I’d much rather sit at the computer, or sit in the living room knitting or reading.

I’ve come to the conclusion that I like semicircular shawls better than I like triangluar ones.  The long points of a triangular shawl that hang down in front tend to dangle into things.  I’ve been wearing my nine-bladed pinwheel shawl (folded in half) a lot more than I have my Citikas shawl for that very reason.  However, I’ve been wearing the Citikas shawl when I read in bed because I haven’t finished my reader’s shrug yet.  Got a long way to go on it.  The shawl doesn’t keep my forearms warm, though, which the reader’s shrug will do, if I ever get it finished.  The exception to the triangular shawl thing would be one with points long enough to cross over the chest and tie in back.

I’ve had the new car a year as of Saturday, the 21st.  Beetil.  It has 4850-odd miles on it, which includes two trips to Pearland, two trips to Amarillo, and a trip to Capitan, NM.  I’m just driving the wheels off of it.  It’s got a tiny nick in the windshield which we got going through some road construction between Comanche and Abilene coming home from Pearland last month. I was driving behind a dump truck full of caliche, which is what they use for road beds out here, and some rock bounced out and hit my windshield.  I’ve been dithering about having it repaired, or whether it’s serious enough to bother fixing.  There’s also a tiny chip out of the paint on the passenger side front door, probably from gravel.

Thursday is Thanksgiving.  Mom wants to go out to eat.  I can’t say that I blame her.  It’s supposed to rain. Friday, a cold front is coming through with rain and a predicted high of 37F/2.7C.  Think I’ll stay in Friday.