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Putting this here because it bears repeating.  Ray Bradbury is one of my favorite writers.  Particular favorites are Dandelion Wine, Something Wicked This Way Comes, The Illustrated Man, The Martian Chronicles,  and I Sing The Body Electric.  Reading Bradbury is like being in a cathedral with fabulous stained glass on a cloudy day. You walk in, it’s dark, and you can’t see anything. And then the sun comes out.

I’ve been writing knitting patterns again.  Folks in knitting group had been doing this “Leaves” fingerless gloves pattern. and some were wishing that there was a scarf and hat to match so there could be a set. I had found a hat pattern with the same “leaf” motif and brought it to the group on the 3rd, but it was in bulky yarn.  We talked about how the lady who wrote the gloves pattern had highlighted the “leaf” part in red so that people could lift out that portion of the pattern and use the motif in other things. When I went to knitting group this past week, one of the ladies had tried to make a scarf using that motif, but she couldn’t make it turn out right because she had failed to take into account that the fingerless gloves were knitted in the round, and a scarf is knitted flat.  When you knit in the round, you are always working on the front or “right” side, and what you knit is what you get.  However when you knit flat, you turn your work over at the end of each row, so for every “right” side row you work, you have to work a “wrong” side row that is the reverse of what you want to show on the right side — if you want a stitch to appear as a knit on the right side, you have to purl it, and vice versa.  In order to convert the “leaf” motif to a scarf, which is knitted flat, you would have to convert every other line of the pattern to its opposite — change all the knits to purls and all the purls to knits. (It sounds a lot more complicated than it actually is.)

IMG_0002IMG_0004Since I have the “Leaves” fingerless gloves pattern on my computer, when I got home, it was a simple matter to copy and paste each line of the motif over into a Word document and “fix” every other line so it would come out right when knitted flat in a scarf. I put a border on and worked out a stitch count, etc., etc., with a couple of variations and swatched them to double check, and for picture purposes, and posted the result on my knitting blog here. Then I got to thinking, the hat pattern I found used a bulky yarn, and the whole idea of a set is that all the pieces are made from the same yarn, so then I got to figuring and wrote a hat pattern that would match the gloves and scarf. So now I have two new patterns to take next time.

I got three skeins of the Lion Brand Yarn “Heartland” in the color Glacier Bay (see left), which is a misty black-blue, and I’m making the hat from it.  I have enough to do a hat, the gloves, and a scarf out of the same yarn.  — like I don’t have enough to do already.  I’ve got scarves to finish for my mom before December, a scarf to finish for my cousin, a vest to finish before Christmas, and a baby dress to finish and another to do completely before February — as well as other assorted UnFinished Objects to finish.  Ah, well.  Idle hands are the devil’s playground. . . .

Made a big bowl of pasta salad yesterday with the Carving Board grilled chicken, small elbow macaroni, cherry tomatoes cut in quarters,  a small can of Del Monte peas and carrots (drained), chopped black olives, chopped white onions, chopped green onions, chopped celery, and mayonnaise.  Pure NOMS! (I think I hear it calling my name. . .)

Now that the weather is finally cooling down (highs in the low 60’s F/15-17C), I’m also back into making do-it-myself hot chai laté using Tazo chai tea with Creme Brulé flavor Coffee Mate — Equally NOMS! (I do have to say, this chills very well for your summertime drinking enjoyment . . .)

Finally got finished writing up our latest Pearland-Round Top trip from October (!) — I still have to edit the video of the lady playing the Wandke organ in the Bethelehem Lutheran Church at Round Top, but I’ll do it tomorrow. . . .

Jaks (the black kitty) is now on a kick where he jumps up in my lap and sleeps between my legs when I’m on the computer.  My computer is set on a large rolling table, with a recliner for my desk chair.  I’m wearing a lap robe here lately because November, and now I have this fat cat curled between my legs . . .  This used to be the grey one’s favorite hangout, but my baby girl has gone on ahead. . .  I miss my snuggly girl . . . Now that Jaks is an only cat, he has everything to himself, including me.

I really need to do some sewing. . .