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2015_10_18-02Finally finished the big baby afghan, and not a minute too soon.  We’re planning a trip south at the end of the month, and I will hand-deliver it, personally.  As the child in question, Miss Raelyn Rose, lives in Galveston, Tx, which is not notable for it’s cold climate, this is an “under” afghan, rather than an “over” one. It’s the “throw it down on the floor/ground and put the baby on top of it” kind.  It’s large and thick.   Plenty of room for a baby to roll and crawl about on it.  It’s such a simple pattern.  Good TV knitting.

Manaña, I’ve got to clean the inside of the glass in my car.  It’s getting tricky to drive at night because the inside of the windshield/windscreen needs cleaning and the lights looks bleary.  I’ll have to run my big extension cord out to the parking lot so I can vacuum the floorboard while I’m at it, which means I’ll have to shut the black kitty into the back part of the house because I won’t be able to shut the front door with a cord going out through it.

When I’m done cleaning up the car, I need to get my hair cut again.  Whenever I cut all my hair off, I invariably have to get it cut a second time about a month later.   After the first cut, when so much (14 inches this past time) gets cut off, it kind of goes “SPROING!” and the natural curl goes nuts.  I have to get it cut a second time once it settles down, to get the curl to behave.  Then I don’t cut it again for years and years.  It’ll be nice and short like mom likes it for our upcoming trip.  I’ve got some light shopping still to do as well.

2015_10_18-01Made my first pot of hot tea of the season Saturday.  Going to be time to get rid of the folded paper towels in my coaster areas — the tile coaster on my dresser, the plastic tray coaster by my TV watching chair, the coaster on my desk — which absorb the condensation and keep it from dripping on me when I pick up a glass to drink.  Working on my second pot of hot tea as I type.

Mom has expressed a desire to go to Savannah, Georgia, — and I’d like to go, too, come to that.  We’ve talked about it, but it’s a mammoth drive across four states (Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia) as well as the lion’s share of Texas,  to get there.  On the other hand, air fares are exorbitant any more.  I suggested that if my mom ever gets her inheritance from her late brother, that we fly to Savanah to celebrate.  Then Saturday, mom attended some luncheon or another and found a card by the plate telling of a 7-day tour somebody is organizing for next April.  Fly to Savanah, where there will be a bus and tours, then bus to Charleston, South Carolina and tour some more, then fly home.  For the two of us, it would be about $5600.  As she pointed out, she’s 91, and if she’s going to travel, she needs to do it while she is still able to — I should point out that she’s in better shape than almost all of her friends, even the ones 20 and 30 years younger than she is.  If she wants to go, I’ll be happy to go with.  She enjoys traveling so much, and I think it would be so much fun for the two of us to go together.

I’ve got knitting to finish tomorrow that I should be working on now.  Guess I should get a move on and do it.  One of the projects is very fiddly.  I can’t be doing anything else (like watching TV) when I’m working on it.  You’ve got to count every row.  But it will be lovely when it’s done.

During the last couple of days, Jaks (the black cat) has taken to lying under my desk when I’m at the computer.  That used to be the white one’s place, but since he is on the far side of the Rainbow Bridge now, it occurred to the black one to try it out. I think he is still missing the other two.  Now and again, he will go over by the washer and dryer (there toward the last, I fed the grey one on top of the dryer) and meow and meow.  He’s become a lot more vocal just since I lost the other two.

When I’m in the living room watching TV or knitting, he lies on the ottoman between my legs.  When I’m reading in bed, he insists on lying beside me with his head on my shoulder.  He’s still really clingy.

It’s forecast to be rainy all next week and it’s been getting cooler, too.  I’m afraid it’s going to fool around and get cold on us.