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2015_10_01-01Me and the fat boy hanging out while it rained on our house yesterday, and thundered some.  Don’t know how much we got, rainwise.  That’s my new printer table, which is just the right height, and has shelves and castors.  I’m not using it as a printer table, but as extra desk space.  I was using a wooden TV tray, and the constantly having to slide it back to get into the file drawers was making it wobbly, hence the new table, which folds flat for easy shipping/storage.  Cat not included.

You can just see the lower portion of the famous orange ashtray, which is a wonderful yarn holder.  I’ve had it since about 1970.  It’s heavy glass.  Weighs about a ton.  It was actually used as an ashtray for some of that time, but hasn’t been for a long time now.  Works much better as a yarn ball holder.

The seasons are turning.  We are now in that season where the world is sighing out of relief that the heat of the summer is past.  It’s the early evening of the year now, and the nightfall of winter is coming.

It’ll be me and the fat boy all on our own this winter.  There will be snuggling.  And knitting.