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Mom called Sunday evening to tell me her computer died.  The hard drive crashed.  Our friend CK is ordering her a new one.  He hates Windows 8 and Windows 10, (me, too) and he will be putting Windows 7 on it, which is good, because that’s what she had on it.

The thing that finally struck her earlier this evening was that all her data on the old one was unrecoverable, and she lost her email address book and all her pictures.  While cleaning up her desk to make ready for the new computer (yes, I know), which will come next Thursday or Friday, she found what she said was a diskette (it’s a CD) from 2011 back when we got the computer that just croaked, where I copied things like her email address book with 9 gazillion email addresses to transfer to it from the computer it replaced, and she thinks it will be a simple matter to just bung it in and reload all that data on the new computer.  CK, who goes at things like a bull at a gate, will be the one doing it.  Hopefully, he will be able to recover most of her data base.  Of course, people have changed email addresses since 2011, and getting her address book sorted out and back up to date is going to be like a Keystone Kops car chase.

While looking up the phone number of the Bethlehem Lutheran Church for her so she can call and see what time church service is — she wants us to leave Pearland Sunday morning and drive 120 miles to Round Top in time to go to church —  I found this:

This is Joseph Ripka playing the church’s pipe organ which was built in 1865 by Johann Traugott Wandke, and contains all hand-carved wooden pipes made from local knotless cedar.  It’s one of the oldest organs in Texas.  You also get some shots of the church, which was founded by my great great grandfather J. Adam Neuthard in 1866, making it the oldest church still in continuous use in Texas.  You will notice the organ only has one manual, and has doors to close it off when not in use.  It does now have an electronic bellows; when it was first build, somebody had to pump it.

It seems that asymmetrical scarfs are all the rage so I wrote a pattern for one.  I’m calling it “Threepers Creepers” because it has three “K1, yo” at the front of the pattern row, and three “k2tog”  at the end we’re sneaking up on Halloween.  Because the body of the scarf is stockinette, it’s going to need blocking.  I got three skeins of this yarn, called “Gumdrop” in the color “Grape.”  I may try it again using garter stitch in the body instead of stockinette and see what that does.