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For those who are joining the program already in progress, I am in the process of putting the world back together from the plumbing disaster I had Friday night.

The carpet guy, who was supposed to show up at 9 o’clock Tuesday morning, didn’t make it until after 10 o’clock, but he got new padding put down in the place where he had cut the wet padding out, and got the carpet put back down on the tack strips (another reason I didn’t want my cat Jaks in the bedroom — that’s all I’d need for him to step on one of the rusty nails on the tack strip!).  Then he steam cleaned the area where the water was, plus the high traffic areas in each bedroom.  I couldn’t walk on the carpet until that evening so I couldn’t start putting my bedroom back together until after 9 o’clock that night, but I was going to be able to sleep in my bed again!  I guess I just have to face the fact I’m getting a little long in the tooth to be sleeping on an air mattress on the floor any more.

The cleaning lady came and looked at the bathrooms, and said she’d charge me $15 total to do both of them.  She has kids in school and does house/apartment cleaning to make extra money.  I’m going to give her $20 just because.

31Ztv63PeYLTuesday afternoon, the Suddenlink guy came and switched out my modems and got me up and running again.  Thank goodness the cable was long enough to reach out into the hall.  There for a while it was all sitting in the floor until the carpet finished drying from being steam cleaned, but I had TV again!  Of course, now that I have a new modem, I have a new WiFi password, so I had to get my Kindle and my internet radio in the bedroom reconnected to the WiFi signal and get the new password in.  I’ll have to wait on the Squeezebox internet radio until I get the new cord.  The dern network passwords are always about 15 characters long and it’s such a pain to get them in.

When I tried to get on Amazon on my Kindle to look for a new cord for the Squeezebox, I discovered that Amazon has a new Kindle browser, “Silk” and it uses Bing as a search engine.  I hate using Bing but there doesn’t seem to be a way of getting rid of it, so I’m reduced to bookmarking Google and just doing a Columbus* around it.

2015_08_25-02I gave the carpet until 10 o’clock to dry out before I started putting my bedroom back together.  That entailed moving the one nightstand back around to the right side of the bed and putting the stuff back on it.  I can’t get under the bed to unplug my bedside lamps (see above), and during the process of getting the cord of the right lamp over the headboard so I could get it back onto the night stand, it rolled off the bed.  The base hit the edge of my night stand and broke.  Unfortunately, they are sold in pairs and you can’t get just one.  I turned that part 2015_08_25-01toward the wall and it doesn’t show that much, but needless to say, I was not very happy.  In the process of breaking, the lamp base took some nasty gouges out of the edge of my bedside table, which I was not very thrilled about either.  I decided to bite the bullet and get another pair of lamps which have much smaller bases, as these lamps I have are really too big with everything else I have on my bedside table (air purifier, internet radio, phone, clock. . . ).  Once I get the new lamps, I’ll trash the broken lamp and figure out something to do with the odd one.  It’s a really pretty lamp.  I’ll think of something.

2015_08_26-02I put the mattress cover back on the bed, but the thought of putting my 4-days’ worth of hot sweaty body into nice clean sheets didn’t sit well with me.  I just threw the blankets I was using on the air mattress onto the bed and used the same cover, but Tuesday night, I slept in my bed again.

I could have slept in the bed Sunday night, but with the carpet flipped back and dirty concrete exposed, not to mention rusty tack strips, I didn’t want Jaks in the bedroom.  He is used to sleeping on the bed beside me.  That’s his place.  He was already all upset and clingy because he didn’t understand what was going on, and I was not about to shut him out of the bedroom so I could sleep on the bed in comfort.  Anybody who has a pet they love will understand.  I would rather sleep three nights on an air mattress that he could share than to shut him out of the bedroom through no fault of his own.  Doesn’t work that way.


My computer table in the entry way to the second bedroom

It’s Wednesday night now.  I slept in till after 1’o’clock this afternoon.  I still don’t have the office back together.  I’ve got the modem on the dresser in the second bedroom and I’m sitting on a stool in the doorway.  I’ll do it tomorrow after the lady comes to clean the bathrooms.  It won’t take that long.

I’ve got to get up at 8 o’clock tomorrow morning so I can swing by the ATM to get some cash money to pay the lady who’s coming to clean the bathrooms.  I’ll finally be able to shower again!  I’ve been asked out to dinner Thursday night by a couple mom knows from the church, and whom I’ve gotten to know better because she’s also in knitting group. (She’s the one who turned me on to the group and got me involved in it.)  It’ll be so nice to be able to shower and wash my hair.  By Friday, everything should be back to normal and this whole nightmare will all be behind me — and not a minute too soon either!


*Go east by sailing west, i.e., go the long way around.