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If you’ve just joined the broadcast, I have had the biggest plumbing disaster.


dirty gunk splattered all over everything

Saturday morning at about 10 o’clock, the carpet guy comes, takes my bed off the folding table and puts a little plastic disk under it, and then puts more plastic disks underneath the one bookcase that’s closest to the mess.  He sets another big fan up in the second bedroom, and off he goes.

I have no TV, I don’t know whether I still have a computer, the water dripped all over my WiFi modem, so I have no WiFi or internet access.  Thankfully, the phone modem is set up in the living room and I still have phone service on my land line.  I tried to do a little cleaning in the half bath, but my sinuses proceeded to slam shut and I started wheezing.  Fortunately, I still have some dust masks, so I can still go into the bathroom long enough to use the toilet.


dirty gunk all down the front of the bathroom cabinets

So now, all I can do is read or knit. That’s when I discover that Jaks, in his frustration, has bitten in two the cord on the internet radio! (Not that I could listen to it anyway — I have no WiFi or internet access!) He’s bewildered by all the bruhaha, confused by all the stuff that has been moved into the living room, angry and frustrated that I won’t let him into the second bedroom where he can look out the window, which he loves, and he can’t go into my bedroom either.  Fortunately, the internet radio is like modems and routers — it has a cord with a transformer on one end that plugs into the wall, and a socket on the other end that plugs into the radio, so all I have to do is replace the cord/power supply — which is a relief, as the radio cost over $100. I got the radio so I could listen to my internet radio music stations in any room of the house. (it uses WiFi to connect to the internet.)  I had it on my reader table next to the little tensor desk light so I could listen to music while I knit or read. (I can access internet radio over my Kindle, but I have to listen through earbuds, which can make knitting complicated.)

Now I’m frustrated because  I can’t get on the internet to look for one to see (a) if I can even get one, and (b) if I can, how much it costs ($10 on Amazon.com).  I’m stiff and sore from my night on the couch, I have no music to listen to, and all I can do is read or knit and/or stew in my juices.  2015_08_22-20Both bathrooms are a mess, and I have to put a mask on to go to the toilet because my sinuses are on the warpath, and all I’ve got that I can use to mollify them is diphenhydramine (generic Benardryl), a decongestant (pseudoephedrine) and masks.  I haven’t needed my inhalers since I moved from the duplex in May of 2014, and the prescription has expired.

By now my bathmats are dry, and I’ve got them folded over the legs of my dining room chairs (which I had turned upside down on my dining room table to give Jaks some room when I have to shut him up in the dining area.

I remembered that I still had the air mattress left over from the plumbing disaster I had in the duplex in 2004 when I ended up sleeping in the floor of my office because my bedroom carpet was ruined and had to be taken up. I could not use any of my sinks, bathroom or kitchen, or my dishwasher, and I was camped out in my office for a month washing dishes in the bathtub. and sleeping in a sleeping bag on an air mattress on my office floor while trying to hold down a full time job.  It took over a month for the insurance to settle up so new carpet could be put down and the plumbing could be fixed.

I got the air mattress out, pumped it up (it has an electric pump), got the leopard print lap robe to put over it, and a light flannel blanket to put over me and used the sofa pillows for pillows.  It was a marginal improvement over the couch, but my options were limited.

Sunday night, I reckoned my computer stuff was dried out enough to risk trying to see if it would still work. I was debating getting up and doing that when, at about 8:30, my BFF called and asked me if I could come pick her up at the emergency room and take her back to where her car was parked. It seems, she was at work at her new job and a little kid running in the store cut in front of her and in attempting to avoid running into him, she lost her balance and fell down.  She hit her hip, her shoulder and her jaw and was dazed for a moment, but was able to get up.  (The mother of the kid never even acknowledged that her kid had knocked my BFF down, never mind came over to see if she was OK!)  Because my BFF had hit her head, her supervisor insisted that 911 be called and that she be taken by ambulance to the emergency room.  She had a CT scan of her head and neck, which was OK (no bleeding on the brain), and an x-ray of her hip, which was also OK.  They gave her some Ultram (tramadol) for the pain and discharged her.  I went and picked her up and took her back to where her car was parked.

After I got home, I cleaned everything off my computer table including the table.  Then I tested the UPS (“uninterrupted power supply” — a heavy duty surge protected plug strip with a battery).  I plugged it in using my “shop” extension cord (all the plugs are for grounded/earthed 3-prong plugs), then plugged in my desk lamp and turned it on.  So far, so good.  I popped the cover on my computer tower and vacuumed out the cat hair (surprisingly little!).  On visual inspection, it looked OK, with no gunk or anything in it.   Then I hooked up the tower and keyboard and my older monitor, plugged them in and booted up the computer.  WHEW!  Was I ever relieved when it booted up OK and seemed to be running well.  Then I hooked everything else up including my second monitor and sat there and played Spider solitaire for a while. That made me feel better.  Turned everything off.  That was one big load off my mind.

Monday, bright and early, I get on the phone to the VA to see if I could get my inhaler prescription renewed and get it filled.  It only took five phone calls.  There is a VA pharmacy at the clinic here in town, but when you call the main switchboard, it rings in Amarillo, 200+ miles north of here. The Amarillo operator connected me to the pharmacy here.  The call got dropped, and I had to call again and finally got connected to our pharmacy and they told me the prescription was expired and a doctor would have to renew it.  So I called the clinic and left a message.  I will say they called me back promptly, and I had to go through the whole song and dance about why I needed it to be renewed.  Then I had to call to use the phone automated prescription refill to get my diphenhydramine prescription refilled — I only have 5 left. Then I had to call the pharmacy again to see if they had gotten the prescription approved, which they had. I swear.  Doing anything through the VA is like pushing a rope.  Finally, they called about 11 o’clock to say it was ready, so stinky me, who had been hot and sweaty for three days now went over and got my inhaler, and was so happy to get it and finally be able to breathe.  So in the course of three days, I’d gone from one medication (diphenhydramine) for my asthma, I’m back on three again.

Reed arrived to check the carpets and, since they were dry, he took all the fans. After I called the office twice, I was told that the carpet guy would be by at 9 o’clock Tuesday morning to fix the carpet back and steam clean it.  I was also informed that it was up to me to clean up the mess in the bathroom.  When I remarked that I would have to call around and see if I could get a cleaning service to come do it, and the apartment manager gave me a name to call.  I called her and she said she would come by Tuesday morning to take a look and give me an estimate.  I said I hoped it would be under $300, and she laughed and said, “I clean whole apartments for $150.”  She couldn’t come until Thursday, as I don’t get paid until Wednesday and can’t get at my money until after 5 p.m. the bank says — go figure. I scheduled the Suddenlink guy to come by Tuesday afternoon to get my internet back up.