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20150815_184335-1Little Miss Raelyn Rose arrived at 12.18 a.m. on Sunday morning via cesarean section for failure to progress.  She weighed 7 pounds and some-odd ounces. Mother and baby are both fine, however, and everybody is relieved and delighted.  (I guess the hospital ran out of pink hats.) That’s her in her grandma’s arms at left.

The package full of baby clothes which I sent by Priority Mail (that’ll be $17.90, thank you very much!) on August 10th because they said it would be there by Wednesday or Thursday at the latest(1-3 business days), and because you get a tracking number, finally arrived on Monday, August 17th.  The package was addressed to my cousin EYJ in Pearland (she’s the mother of the daddy) which is south of Houston.  The first place the package went was not southeast, nor even south, but north, 200+ miles in the wrong direction, to Amarillo, which is where it was when I went to the website on Sunday and entered the tracking number, meaning it had been sitting there for almost a week.  When I checked again on Monday morning bright and early, it had finally made it to Pearland at 6:30 a.m.  My aunt got it about noon.  It took seven days for a Priority Mail package to go from one city in Texas to another city in Texas!  The package never even left the state.

For the same money, I could have sent it UPS, and it would have been there in two days, but my cousin would have had to be there to sign for it, and with the baby due literally any day, I was afraid she might not be there when it came.  Seeing as how this is Texas, maybe I should have sent it Pony Express. . .

Mother and baby went home Sunday night.  My cousin EYJ and her husband drove home Sunday night as well, and she was at home to welcome the package Monday.  They will go back to Galveston to visit on Wednesday, and take the package — still unopened! — with them.

2015_08_16-02In other knitting news, I’ve been moving right along on my cousin-in-law’s scarf.  When I’m knitting something long and floppy like a scarf, I roll it up and either pin it using a short double pointed knitting needle or, in this case, I used a large stitch holder.  It makes it much easier to handle.

I need to email my cousin-in-law and ask her if she does hats, as I found a pattern for a hat with owls that uses the same weight yarn, and I would have enough yarn left over to do it.   When I see how the hat pattern does the owls, I may work up a scarf pattern with owls on to match it.

IMG_0001I may have mentioned that the black kitty likes to lie on the chest by the window in my “office” (the smaller, second bedroom in my apartment), where he has a commanding view of the “yard” around which three of the apartment buildings are situated.  This is, I remind you, a black cat and this is not only summer, but August in Texas where our average highs have been above 95F/35C for weeks now.  I have come into the office several times to find him lying like so (see left) with his head on the window sill of this west facing window, in full afternoon sun.  Maybe he is solar powered.  Maybe all cats are solar powered, which would explain their penchant for lying in sun spots.  He seems to find this position comfortable, which is more than I can say for myself.