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The Old Blind Dogs in question is a Scottish folk group and today’s earworm is courtesy of their tender mercies.  It’s called “Kilbogie.”  It helps to understand the lyrics if you have the words written out.

I could do wi’ a Hielan’ laddie, myself.  One of the tall blond ones with cute knees like the ones that got on the train when I was traveling in Scotland, going up from Craigievar to Sutherland, where family legend has it that part of my father’s family was made homeless by the highland clearances and ended up in America.  Strapping, good looking lads, they were.  Alas, their wives and children were traveling with them . . .  Of course, I have not one bit of proof that my dad’s family has roots that go back to Sutherland. But then again, I have no proof at all that they don’t. . . .

2015_07_18-02In the knitting news, I started the bonnet that goes with the Meadowsweet dress, and then I worked a little on the Trinity Shawl I’m making for my BFF.  Word is that the baby is due in three weeks.  Maybe she’ll come on my dad’s birthday. That’s almost exactly three weeks from yesterday.  I still have a bunch to do on the afghan which I need to get cracking on, and I need to get some purple buttons for the purple sweater set.  The pink ones I have look tacky and the white ones are too stark.   I’ll get them Tuesday when I go to knitting group.

I had a bowl of Wolf Brand Chilli with onions, black olive slices and elbow macaroni topped with Sargento Mexican 4 Cheeses a while ago, with some Pepperidge Farms oatmeal bread toast.  Now I’m ready for some ‘azert.  Dannon Oikos has some piña colada flavored yogurt.  I got a couple containers of it.  A container of that might make a nice ‘azert.